DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels | July 24, 2009

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels

Reward your bridesmaids for all their hard work with this feminine and chic DIY gift idea- relaxing homemade bubble bath! Read on for some bubble bath recipe links, packaging ideas and free printable labels!

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels


I've received some feedback that there have been issues with the previous recipe that I linked to for homemade bubble bath so I've searched for some alternatives. I haven't tried these out but if you do, please let me know how well they turn out.  I find that when it comes to recipes, no matter how trusted the source I think it's always best to do a small test batch first before committing to making any large quantities.

- a video recipe for homemade bubble bath for sensitive skin from here

- a recipe by Sherri Osborn

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels

(back of bottle)


For packaging I hunted down a frosted glass bottle (I've recycled a bottle previously used for a Japanese spirit) and used a cork from Riot Art and Craft. Alternatively, you can use a screw top- this would probably also look good. I did some digging and found this great frosted glass bottle with a cork online at Save on Crafts. They have quite a range of glass bottles and they also sell corks in various sizes.  A good way to hunt down glass bottles online is to do a search on Kaboodle. For the labels I've chosen a very light brown recycled paper to print onto for a slightly vintage feel, however you can also print onto white to get a very striking, high contrast image.

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels


  • Scissors/Scalpel or Guillotine
  • Double-sided tape
  • Colour inkjet or laser printer
  • Medium sized glass bottle - (preferably frosted glass with cork)
  • Light brown recycled paper or white textured paper
  • Bottle Labels - Download

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels


  • Print out your labels on your colour printer.
  • Carefully cut around the edges of your back and front labels with a scissors.
  • Cut out your round seal. I found that cutting carefully around the seal with a scissors was sufficient but if you want to be really precise try using a circle punch of a similar size or an adjustable rotary circle cutter.
  • Cut a thin rectangular strip of paper for the top seal- the dimensions of this depend on your bottle. Experiment and see what looks best.
  • Use double-sided tape to stick your labels and seal in place on bottle.

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels

And you're done!

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  1. How fantastic! I've already done the wedding thing, but have been rounding up homemade beauty/bath things to make for Christmas.
  2. Oh my--as a self-proclaimed packaging whore (sorry) I am in love with this! Gorgeous!
  3. This is GORGEOUS. I am definitely doing this!
  4. Erin | Jul 30, 2009
    Thank you for these fabulous labels!
  5. These are gorgeous. Everyone likes receiving gifts but ones which are individual and home-made, hold something special, nothing you could buy in a shop could match it!
  6. This are soooo fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
  7. tlsuel | Aug 7, 2009
    Im having trouble with these downloading. any suggestions? i printed and did fine with some of your other FABULOUS labels but these arent showing up when pdf opens. please help, these are amazing labels!
  8. I've had a couple of people say they've had issues with the pdf and it basically came down to the fact that it's quite a big file and takes awhile to download- you may just have to wait awhile before the image appears. Alternatively, right click on the link and save the file on your computer and then open it when it's completely downloaded. Hope this was of help! Let me know if there are still issues.
  9. Keely | Aug 9, 2009
    I love these too! They look so classy -- and what a creative gift! I'm also having trouble downloading as well... I did try to save it to my computer but it was stuck at 13%. Would you email it to me?
  10. Keely | Aug 9, 2009
    Nevermind. I got it to work! (Just took a couple of tries.) Thanks so much for your beautiful work! It really is lovely!
  11. These are so gorgeous!!! I came over from the iDIY site...I've got to try your bubble bath recipe.
  12. Oh how perfect, I will definitely be using this recipe and thanks SO much for the labels, these will be brilliant for my bridesmaids! :-)

    <a href=""></a>;
  13. so chic
  14. "thank you so much"
    it very nice ^^
  15. Cynthia | Jan 28, 2010
    I am looking for home made bath product recipes that have a long shelf life. Any one have any?

  16. I appreciate your efforts:-)
  17. Beautiful design...

    I tried to make this for holiday gifts this year and encountered some difficulty. I looked for other recipes, but this seems to be the prevailing recipe, and most people don't seem to comment on the outcome.

    The first batch I made with a bar of Kirk's castille soap. This batch turned solid in the bottles.

    The second batch I made with liquid Dr. Bronner's. This batch was like water.

    Neither of them bubbled at all. I tried thinning the first batch with coconut oil and water, hoping to add some foaming action. It thinned, but became a slime reminiscent of various body excretions. Still no bubbles.

    I added half a bar of Dr. Bronner's and some coconut oil to the second batch, and it was still liquid. Added the rest of the bar, and this batch became almost solid.

    Now both batches are slime. I spent $30 on supplies for this project, and I have a gallon or so of slime in my kitchen...does not bubble at all. Not even a little bit.

    I'm disappointed with the recipe. I could've purchased bubble bath from any number of places for that $30 and had 3 evenings of my life available to make projects that actually do what they are supposed to do. :(

    The packaging design is amazing, but the project did not work for me at all.
  18. Melanie | Jan 3, 2011
    I also tried this recipe using a bar of castile soap grated, not for gifts but for my own personal use. I use alot of bubble bath and thought i would try to make my own. I followed the recipe exactly. Overnight it turned into a solid clump of slimey goo in the bottle. I know they make solid bubble bath so I tried to scoop it out and and use it that way. It may have bubbled for 30 seconds then nothing. I used half of the bottle in one bath trying to make some bubbles, which was to no avail. I wish I had the money I spent on the ingredients, I could buy some bubble bath that actually works.
  19. I tried whipping it with a hand-mixer for 3 hours. It is still stringy and slimy. It foamed up some, I bottled it, but then the air left the bubbles, so it reverted back to slime.

    A friend of mine makes her own laundry detergent and she says it has the same consistency, but she didn't have a solution for it.

    Gave it to my sisters for x-mas anyway. The youngest thought it was very cool. I told them it was moisturizing bath slime. And it is very moisturizing, but it is definitely not bubble bath.

    I infused some with tea and gave it to my fiance. He threw up a little in his mouth, which was hilarious. Not $30 hilarious, but it eased the pain a little.
  20. I'm organising a wedding and this is the best site I've come across. It's quite an emotional time for everyone, so I'm embarrassed to say I had a wee tear in my eye when I came to your site!

    I'm not really sure why, it's just good to know things will be lovely and not cost much.

    I'm going to use everything! It's so kind that you put these ideas up for free, if you're ever in Glasgow and fancy a tour of the whiskeys, music and amazing cheese (yes really!) please get in touch as a karma-ish way of re-paying for your kind freebies!
  21. All over the Internet are recipes for soap-based bubble baths, and all over the Internet are stories like the above about how all they produce is scum. As near as I can figure, it's because the person who came up with the recipe:

    1) had water so soft it actually works,
    2) just assumed it would make bubbles when dilute because it does when concentrated, or
    3) never even tried it.

    Yes, soap has been used to make a foamy tub, but only when enough was used to overcome water hardness (which can be an awful lot -- like a big boxful of flakes in a decent sized tub where water is very hard), and using enough soap to do that can make your skin itch afterward.

    If you want to make the real thing, you need the real ingredients -- see my link, for example.
  22. faith | Mar 6, 2011
    Omigod these are so cute! Will be perfect for Christmas!!!!!
  23. I love this idea! Functional and decorative, self printed labels are lot more cheap and look attractive.
  24. Jane | May 19, 2011
    Love it! Beautifully done, I am definitely going to do this. And as I am getting married in France the little 'merci' is perfect for my English bridesmaids. Thanks!
  25. Love this but the labels down down load. can you email them or re-post?
  26. This is such a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing, it looks so pretty!
  27. mas | Apr 8, 2012
    thank you for these great labels !
  28. Cathy | Apr 16, 2012
    These are just beautiful! Thank you so much. They'll be perfect for the gifts I'm planning for this year's Christmas!
  29. Love these! Homemade gifts are such a great way to say thank you or show someone how special they are to you.
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  31. What cute labels, they are absolutely perfect. =)
  32. yasmin | Oct 4, 2013
    Thank you Amy for the gorgeous label. That must have been a labor of love, it shows. :)
  33. XRumerTest | Oct 12, 2013
    Hello. And Bye.
  34. Karen | Nov 10, 2014
    Amy, you responded to people until the "slime" comments. I'm so curious as to why you don't tell them how to "fix it", or maybe you don't know how, because you didn't make it, you just put together the beautiful bottle and gorgeous labels, because they are awesome and would look good for to put "something" in them. You picked this arena, for what ever personal reasons you had, needed a recipe, grabbed it, and blogged it all up. Is that why you won't answer? If you don't approve this message and delete it, I'll know that I was right. I'm hoping you will choose to help(, or at least have a snappy comeback.)
  35. Karen, it's not uncommon for bloggers to just passively approve comments on a blog post that's been up for a long time. I wouldn't infer anything from your comment's being put up. I've seen the same thing happen to comment threads elsewhere on this very recipe or a closely related one. For instance, at Apartment Therapy, where this recipe got wide play, even though the comments all complain and some have asked the blogger to retract or disclaim the recipe, the comments just sit there. I can't attach much blame to Amy any more than to anyone else out there doing the same thing.

    As to Cynthia's request for bath products with a long shelf life that'd work in a bottle like this, I'd suggest oils.
  36. Karen, I actually edited the post awhile back in response to this. Check under the heading "Homemade bubble bath". Cheers.
  37. kirsten | Dec 22, 2014
    Oh my*****
    I haven't seen any one person being attacked so viciously...(especially, for giving away free printables she could easily have charged alot of cash for!!) And then the poor woman gets practically threatened by you guys and you have the nerve to try to guilt her into giving you the money that you paid to purchase items for said recipe that she was generous enough to include in the blog. And , F.Y.I. I made the bubble bath and it is great. Maybe you shouldnt change the recipe, how can you fault her when you added extra ingredients to her recipe?
    By the way....she said she HADN'T tried the recipe so why is it necessary to be bullies?? Shame on all of you ridiculous haters. Remember the subject of this entire section?? Free printables!!!
    * L* a* b* e* l* s*•••••••not bubble bath!
    ? are awesome! Keep it up because we do appreciate all you do here.
    ?Thanks for everything?
    Kirsten (Southern Ca.)

    *notice that you got a positive comment from "The Soap Queen"? (I would be soooo excited because she is truly the queen of all soaping)
  38. Gorgeous! Those labels are truly classic and elegant. Perfect as a gift. I will definitely share this tutorial. Thanks for your effort and time. Keep it up!
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