DIY 'Gold Dipped' Notebooks by Eat Sleep Cuddle | May 09, 2012

Take a look at this nifty DIY craft project by Whitney from eat sleep cuddle. Beautiful.

{ via sugar and cloth. photos from eat sleep cuddle }

posted under: Craft, Do It Yourself


  1. How adorable! this would look great using a different color for a color block look too.

  2. Superb!Yellow with pink the perfect colour comb!I might get creafty this weekend!
  3. This looks really fab! Will have to get my crafting bits and bobs together!

  4. This is such a great DIY.... love the two colours together. I really want to try this!
  5. These are so cute! I definitely want to try them this summer :)

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  6. Genious ! I love it.
  7. OH WOW, this is GREAT! What a great idea!
  8. Nice post Thanks a lot for sharing
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