DIY Halloween Bloody Baubles | October 24, 2013

While I was hunting down some last-minute props for the photos for yesterday's Halloween freebie, I found this awesome tube of fake blood from Typo. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to use it for yet but I figured it would come in handy somehow...

I also stopped by Riot Art and Craft in the hopes that they would have something suitably halloween-y that I could use when I noticed some clear baubles. I quickly grabbed a handful of these with the intention of using them in a future Christmas project.

When I got home I realised, wouldn't it be kinda cool to actually fill the baubles with the fake blood?! 

So quick and easy to do- just drop a bit of fake blood into each bauble and swirl around to create some creepy blood drip patterns!

I didn't end up using them in the photos for yesterday's freebie, but I think they deserved a mention nonetheless!

Happy Halloween crafting! :)

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  1. Hi Amy

    That is such a fun craft idea for baubles. You have inspired me to buy some myself and be creative with what I add to them.

    Thank you!
  2. This is such a great idea..! I can't wait to do these for my Christmas tree this year - you've inspired me to do something with all the neon paint I bought a little while ago.

    I'll have to get myself to Riot & Craft pronto before all these baubles get snapped up..!


  3. Abbie | Oct 24, 2013
    All of it is super cute! Love all of your DIY ideas.
  4. Perfect...Gore as one pleases !
  5. These, along with your "Bite Me" candy bag tops, would be perfect for a vampire-themed party,not just for Halloween.
  6. Laine- Neon paint! What an AWESOME idea!!! Love it. If you try it, please send me some pics. x

    Angelica- Absolutely, a vampire-themed party would be a great idea! x
  7. Wow! What a fantastic idea! ;D
  8. What a cool idea. Greetings from Germany :)
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