DIY Ice-Cream Soda for a Party or Wedding | September 11, 2009

DIY Ice-Cream Soda

DIY Ice-Cream Soda

Inspired by Jordan Ferney's brilliant wedding concept for an Old Fashioned Soda Bar, I set out to create these fun, retro-inspired label designs for soda bottles that hark back to the glorious era of soda fountains! These can be used for your party or wedding to create your own Soda Shop or to add a gorgeous beverage stand to your Ice-Cream Parlour theme. Guests can select from a brightly coloured array of flavoured sodas to make their own delicious Ice-Cream Sodas!

DIY Ice-Cream Soda

For those who don't know, the Ice-Cream Soda, also known as a 'Spider' down here in Oz, is a mixture of flavoured soda and Ice-Cream. The carbonated soda causes the Ice-Cream to 'float' and also creates a foam on the surface (similar to beer). It is essentially a dessert beverage, and a very delicious one at that!

I've created labels for Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Raspberry, Blueberry, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Cream Soda. You can download these below!


Buy cheap, no brand, plain soda water bottles. Empty out a portion of the contents and replace with cordial or syrup using a funnel. You will have to experiment with the ratio of soda to syrup to find out what works best for you. You could even make your own syrups! This article, for example, has a good recipe for homemade soda syrup. You can find many like this on the web. If you're going with pre-made syrups- there are many available including for Root Beer, Sarsaparilla and Cream.

Once you've filled your bottles, soak them in boiling water for a couple of hours, peel off their labels and re-label them with the retro designs. I've printed them on photo quality semi-gloss white A4 paper, cut them out using a guillotine and taped them on the sides with double-sided tape before attaching to the bottle.


NOTE: This file is over 2mb. It may take some time to download. If you are having issues with downloading. please right click on the button and save the file to your computer.


These labels are purely decorative, so if you get any liquid on your label, the ink on the labels may run or smudge or stain and destroy the design. If you use a photo quality paper there is less chance of this happening but I would still make sure you've filled the bottles with your syrup or cordial and wiped the bottles off before putting any of the labels on. Obviously, this also means you cannot store your bottles in ice! I haven't tested storing these in the fridge to see whether the condensation would affect the labels. However, an easy solution would be to avoid cold storage altogether and simply add ice to your soda glasses instead.

DIY Ice-Cream Soda


NOTE: This file is over 2mb. It may take some time to download. If you are having issues with downloading. please right click on the button and save the file to your computer.


If you're having a large party or wedding and re-labelling vast amounts of bottles is too time consuming and costly an excercise, a much easier alternative is to re-label only one of each flavour and use these purely as a display, as a sort of visual menu, for guests to choose their flavour. Have somebody serve the soda, behind the bar, into old-fashioned soda glasses with soda that you have bought in bulk. You will still have that feel of a Soda Shop but without the time and expense.

DIY Ice-Cream Soda

I've also created these bottle top labels that are handy to hide any branding from your original soda bottle. I've provided two font options for each soda flavour. You can choose your favourite or you can use both and mix and match.

DIY Ice-Cream Soda


The circles in these bottle top designs are 2.5 cm in diameter. Either cut out very carefully by hand with a scissors, use a circle cutter, or a circle punch of a similar size. Attach to lid with double-sided tape.

DIY Ice-Cream Soda




IMPORTANT NOTE: The downloadable pdfs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. As a courtesy, if you wish to link to anything on this article, please link to this page and not directly to a downloadable file. Thanks for reading this boring footer stuff! :)

{all images by Amy Moss}



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    Some friends and I are going to use your icecream parlour and soda printables for a picnic in the park, I will get pics to you to show you how much everyone loves them!
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    The Simplifiers Event Planning
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  30. Thanks all, for the great comments- I'm also really appreciative to those who have linked this on their blogs! Very cool. Thanks!
  31. Kirsten Rutherford | Sep 21, 2009
    I LOVE your design and think the idea is fabulous...but why have you spelt smooth 'Smoothe'????
  32. oops! Thanks for catching that Kirsten, I've re-uploaded the pdfs with the correction. Thanks again! :)
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  38. Tammy | Jul 20, 2010
    Hi --
    Just wondering where you found the bottles you used? I've searched and haven't been able to find those. I really like the twist on cap kind but all I've been able to find is the cork. Would you mind sharing?

  39. I did a blog re-post on this item linking my blog back to yours.
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    Lidiana, regards from Spain.
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    I hope you like it.
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    Hey there!!! I love your site in general! This in particular is precious! I went to download the printables... but half of them came up black. Is it just not loading proper, but will still print right? I'm really hoping to use these for a 1950's party I'm planning!
  49. Hi Kate, they should print just fine. I think it's just the viewer on your computer that has an issue with my files. Give it a try- let me know if there's still an issue. Thanks!
  50. Melissa | Jul 6, 2012
    Hi Amy! Have the same problem as Kate. I printed it, but it came particulary black, like Kate told you too. So sad about this! It's soooo pretty!!
  51. Yetta | Jul 28, 2012
    Hello I love your work! I'm having trouble finding the water bottles. Could you please tell me where you purchased them? Thank you in advance!
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    thanks you SO much for sharing these wonderful labels with us. these are really the prettiest soda labels I've ever seen!

    I think I would buy a bottle just because of these labels, if it was at a shop:)

  53. Okay, so I'm rather late to this party but wanted to say, anyway, how GORGEOUS these labels are!

    If you want to be completely anal-retentive like I am, you could modge-podge or clear contact over the labels. That way, they should survive any spills or ice.
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    where did you buy these bottles???? xx
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