DIY 'Je t'aime' coffee cup wrappers | February 11, 2011

Wouldn't it be cute to surprise a loved one on Valentine's morning (or any morning for that matter) with a cup of coffee for the road that literally says 'I love you'?  With this concept in mind I designed these love-themed wrappers that can be used to dress up a disposable coffee cup. The perfect romantic gesture for the caffeine obsessed!

Ok, so there's a bit of a catch. The template is based on the Chinet 285 ml thermal cups. They are orange in colour and I can't seem to find them on the Chinet website. Unfortunately, these were the only ones I could find at the local Coles! So apologies in advance if the template doesn't work, or needs some tweaking, to fit onto your own cups.

Print the designs onto thick glossy photo paper, cut out with scissors, wrap around cup and attach with double-sided tape.

Oh, and if your significant other ain't that crazy about coffee, you could always fill it with hot cocoa instead!


CONDITIONS OF USE: The downloadable pdfs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. They are not for commercial use. If you wish to incorporate any of my designs in your own personal projects, please attribute it to me by linking to my site. Please do not distribute any of my downloadable files. If you wish to blog about this article, please feel free to use my photos as long as they are accompanied with a credit and link back to my site and/or this article. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page.Thanks for reading this boring footer stuff! :)

{ all images by Amy Moss }

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  1. oh i love this! what an adorable, unique idea. i love these little details, as opposed to a grand gesture.
  2. so sweet - thanks!
  3. LUV IT !!!
  4. So cute, going to print these out later tonight, loves it!
  5. I love this. Little things like this will make me smile. :)
  6. AH! these are beyond adorable!
  7. I'm pretty much crazy about these. Had to blog them. Nice work, Amy!
  8. Love these wraps! They would be a great idea for brides and grooms too! Oh I'd love that!
  9. mel | Feb 12, 2011
    I just made a valentine's day tea bag - this is such a great way to compliment it! Thank you!
  10. they are so lovely! i want to drink my coffee from it now.
  11. These are so damn cute. I love them!
  12. Brandi | Feb 12, 2011
    So adorable! Thanks for sharing :-) Can't wait to surprise my husband with his Valentine's Day coffee cup for the drive to work!
  13. soooooooo lovely. You should be called
    'sooo lovely eatdrinkchic'
  14. Those are adorable, I wish I could use them every day (:
  15. This is just so so super cute!!
  16. these are too cute!
  17. i am in LOVE with these...
  18. ooohhh that's too adorable! i love, love the illustration!
  19. Kristi | Feb 12, 2011
    love it! i also love the coasters they are on. where are those from?
  20. Thank you so much for sharing. These are classy!
  21. these are so sweet, what a wonderful idea
  22. These are with out a doubt the cutest thing I've seen around the web for Valentine's Day period. Thank you for sharing!
  23. Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!
  24. This is so sweet. An adorable idea for me and my best male friend (coffee-addicted). The cards are great as well. Would it be ok to link you in my blog! You're doing such gret things!
  25. how adorable!! :) great design! what a nice valentines' day surprise!
  26. Thanks for sharing these adorable cup wraps. My husband is going to love it when I hand him his coffee on Monday morning. A perfect Valentine, as he always drinks from "to go" cups.
  27. it's the little things! love these.
  28. Oh my gosh! They are absolutely cute!!! Thks for sharing! Xoxo ?

    Rocio R.
  29. yette | Feb 14, 2011
    thanks so much super cute!! ^_^
  30. Katie | Feb 14, 2011
  31. So cute!!!... I love them!
  32. These are the cutest little things ever!
  33. I've just discovered your coffee cup wrappers on the Etsy french blog
    I love them !
    Your blog is amazing. I'm so happy I've found it.
    Happy Valentine's day ! :)
  34. I'm totally loving these!!!!!
  35. These are so cute, great design!!
  36. Oh my goodness, I would have loved to do this! I am bookmarking for a random day to surprise hubby:)
  37. Thank you for these! They are adorable!
  38. Thanks a lot for sharing! this is a great DIY for Valentine!! My boyfriend loved it!
    I posted it on my blog!

    Love from Belgium
  39. Cute, cute cute!!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!!
  40. wow, those are so cute!
  41. These wrappers are super cute! I gave them to a couple when I went to their wedding on Saturday.
    Thanks for the Freebie! :)
  42. IT's so cute!!! I would want to have one for myself too
  43. What an adorable thing! Thank you so much for sharing!
  44. so cute!
    Even if it's not Valentine day, I'll do it tonight for my boyfriend.
    Everyday is a valentine day actually!!
    thank u so much.
  45. Rosi | Nov 2, 2011
  46. thank you, they are so lovely!

    I linked to your templates on my blog - thanks for sharing!

    doro K.
  47. Alison C | Jan 29, 2012
    Very cute idea!
  48. These are just lovely. I featured them today!
  49. I've never seen anything like these - thanks for a new twist on Valentines! Excited to point my readers your way.
  50. This really starts off the day right. I think I might use at the end of the day at my annual Valentine's Day party.
  51. I am so in love with this design! I have a best friend who loves all things French, and I will be sending her to see this post right away. I loved this so much that I included a link to this project in my DIY Valentine's Day Ideas post. :)
  52. my boyfriend thought this was a "complete" cup of coffee when i surprised him with our cups. and it was made with love
  53. tran | Feb 10, 2012
    You really are the best!!! thank you for sharing all your great idea!!!
  54. mary | Feb 10, 2012
    thank you so very much! :)
  55. I think this is so sweet!! I linked this up on my blog today:
  56. Absolutely adorable! I've featured this on my blog, thanks for the great DIY!
  57. This is the cutest! I am featuring this tomorrow on my blog. I linked to this post! <3
  58. erin | Feb 15, 2012
    Do I give him the one with the boy or the girl?
  59. Melany | Feb 27, 2012
    These are simply adorable ? ?
  60. Hi! Sorry I am late with this notice, but I still wanted to let you know that I showed off your design in our Valentine post. Thanks, and such a cute, cute, cute design!

    Sister #2
  61. wow what a lovely design on these cups!! It looks so romantic :)
  62. These are SO CUTE! Love it!
  63. I've translated your post in my blog and I put your blog's link. Thanks for beautiful free stuff and sorry for my awful English :S
  64. isabella | Sep 20, 2012
  65. Yolanda | Dec 11, 2012
    I was wonderng if I could ask a favor. I absolutely love these. I'll be having a breakfast wedding (different I know) and would love ot have these on the styrofoam cups during the "cocktail hour". However, I was hoping to have our wedding colors incorporated, which are eggplant, silver, grey and white. What are the chances of having the shoes, dress and flags a different color. Even 3 shades of purple for the flags, black shoes for the guy, purple dress for girl and grey/silver heels. If the girl could wear a wedding dress instead that would be perfect, it would be like my fiance and I and maybe our wedding date in the heart - March 23, 2013. Ok now I'm REALLY expecting much, if I knew how to change it myself I would. I absolutely love these. And if the heart was in one of our colors that would also be an added bonus. And if I'm totally insane for even asking, just ignore me :-)
  66. These are totally gorgeous Amy!
    We re-published them with a link to you on our Israeli Facebook blog "Chicbox" :

    thanks for sharing with us!
  67. Shirley | Jan 1, 2013
    fantastic thanks
  68. Love!
  69. So amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!
  70. We have to give you a huge shout out…we bragged about you in our collection of 140 FABULOUS VALENTINE PRINTABLES ROUND-UP. We love your darling creative printable and we had to share your awesome-ness! Take a peek –> xox
  71. This is the cutest thing ever! I featured it on my blog today. If you have a minute I'd love for you to take a peek:

    Thank you for the fabulous printable.

    Best Wishes,

  72. Your lovely coffee wrappers are super adorable! I found you from Dating Divas. Loving your web site :)
  73. These are fabulous! Thank you for sharing - you are very talented! I found you through Mod Podge Rocks
  74. Angelica | Feb 14, 2013
    These are so cute, kudos! My boyfriend has work then school all day tomorrow so I'd def going to surprise him at work with treats and now a cute decorated coffee :)

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  76. OMG, this is so lovely and sweet.
    I would love to have one. Thank you for your post.
  77. What an amazing idea. It is eye catching and practical. I would love to have one if it is available in our region.
  78. have a great coffee
  79. So cute. Going to print out the pdfs tonite.

    Thank for it.
  80. So darling! Printing these for my Valentine who loves coffee! Perfect!
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  87. Thanks for sharing these adorable cup wraps. My husband is going to love it when I hand him his coffee on Monday morning. A perfect Valentine, as he always drinks from "to go" cups.
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  122. Hi Amy, awesome wrapper! Absolutely a genius idea to be given to quest at annual dinner as everyone will have a drink. A wonderful wrapper cup will be the talk of the night :)

    Cheers and thanks again for the idea!
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