DIY 'Je t'aime' mini card sets | February 12, 2011

I really enjoyed creating the design for the 'Je t'aime' coffee cup wrappers' so I thought I'd also transform them into mini cards with polka dot lined envelopes, for those in need of a (very) last minute gift for a loved one! :)

Download and print onto thick card stock. Use a rounded corner craft punch on each corner and write your message on the back.

The polka dot envelope liner is in the PDF with the card design and you have a choice of red or aqua. Before cutting it out, remember to score gently, with a scalpel, between the dotted lines. Once again, use your rounded corner punch on the top two corners. (The left hand side)

You can create your own envelope with the template below. Print onto kraft paper and cut out with scalpel. Place your envelope liner on the interior of your envelope. Line it up so that the fold in the liner matches the fold of the envelope lid. Use double-sided tape to attach it. Assemble and attach your envelope with double-sided tape and use your rounded corner punch on the corners of the lid.  You can seal off your envelope with a sticker of your choosing.

Enjoy! And have a great Valentine's Day everyone!


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{ all images by Amy Moss }

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  1. Laura Beth | Feb 12, 2011
    The colors are great. I love these!

    Even though I have a V-day card for my fiance this year, after seeing these I've decided he's just going to get two. =)

    Thanks for the freebies!
  2. Too cute! Thanks for sharing.
  3. i love them! uh, i mean je t'aime!
  4. You are just way too talented :)

  5. Oh I enjoyed this collection... Thank u for sharing...
  6. So cute
  7. it's really chic card ^v^ love it
  8. Looking forward to popping one of these cards in my daughters lunch box on Monday. Love them.
  9. these are soo adorable! Im loving it!
  10. Gosh, these are all so fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Too cute! Love what you did with the coffee wrappers as well. Thank you for sharing!
  12. thank you very much.. this too cute..
  13. am i allowed to customize it a little? thought of something i could do for my hubby!
  14. These are pretty adorable!
  15. oh my gosh, these are just too cute!!!
    you have such a great skill!!
    love your website!
  16. So sweet!!! I love the designs! Xoxo

    Rocio R.
  17. seriously so cute!! hope your valentines is lovely!

  18. Thanks so much for the downloads!! these are awesome!
  19. Wow! I'm going to print, now I have to give a surprise! Love is beautiful, thank you! = D
  20. I've just discovered your site and absolutely love all the designs! I will be returning, that's for sure... especially when I launch my new blog, {weddings you fancy} - I'm sure the DIY ideas will go down a storm :)
  21. Love it! gorgeous downloads!!! Thanks for sharing!kisses
  22. These are absolutely adorable! I've saved them for next year...Happy Valentine's Day!
  23. You are so sweet to create such lovely freebies for us!Thankyou and Happy Valentine's Day,

    Stephie x
  24. You are so generous and talented! Love these! xo
  25. adorable! i heart these!
  26. Oh, these are so lovely! Thank you :)
  27. How glorious are these little cup holders, I am completely smitten:)
  28. that envelope liner does it for me! thanks for sharing and hope you had a great v-day.
  29. these cards are super adorable and perfect for valentine's day or any other day! thanks for sharing these!
  30. Love these. I like that you can use them on any other day besides valentine's day.
  31. incredibly sweet. thank you!
  32. Thanks so much for being so kind to share,love your site.
  33. Amy | Oct 29, 2011
    These are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing, your designs are amazing.
  34. Most perfect minute birthday card ever!! Thank you so much!
  35. Ganni | Dec 1, 2011
    thank you very much!
    They are so lovely!
  36. thanks so much for sharing these fabulous cards! i heart them :)
    check out my post today, i couldn't just use them as cards....i had to frame them!
  37. Featured on my site today, love em' :)
  38. love the blog, love the ideas and love your generosity. thank you thank you thank you
  39. Love this...thanks for sharing. I linked this and your origami heart to a blogpost of mine:

    Happy Valentine's Day!
  40. mas | Apr 7, 2012
    thanks for sharing amy
  41. Some space is available for writing something on this card.
  42. Andrea | Feb 11, 2013
    Beautiful, I can't believe you design them and give them for free! Bless your heart xx
  43. sarah | Jun 13, 2013
  44. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

    With love,
  45. Sidonia | Feb 12, 2014
    You are so talented, thank you for sharing this with us!
  46. Hermosassss!!! Gracias :)
  47. Dwi Fajar Saputri | Aug 6, 2014
    Waw, pretty card.

    Thanks for sharing
  48. So lovely!
  49. Ahhh these are just too cute.
  50. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
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