DIY 'La Dolce Vita' Party Candy Cup with Carry Handle | October 28, 2009

Whether used for favours or simply as a cup that guests can use to collect their own selection of treats from your party's candy buffet, the festive colours in this cup design allow for use at any occasion- parties, weddings or even the upcoming Christmas and holiday season. "La Dolce Vita" - Italian for "The Sweet Life" is a somewhat fitting title for a cup with a solitary life purpose to contain lots of delicious candy- No? Continue for more pics, ideas and to download your free paper cup cover design!


Print out the design onto plain white 80 gsm paper, cut out with scissors and wrap around a standard 9 oz paper cup. (I've acquired mine from Spotlight. It is preferable to opt for a light coloured cup so that it doesn't show through the cover.)  Use double sided tape to attach. Puncture two small round holes in each side for your string or ribbon handle.

If you're using the cup to complement your candy buffet perhaps place a tiny wooden scoop inside for guests to collect their own selection of sweet treats.

To personalise the cups, I've made tiny manila swing tags which I recycled from manila folders. They're so simple to make! Cut out your shape with a scalpel, attach a mini white dot sticker (available at most newsagents) and punch in the center with small round craft punch. Use your tag to write a little message to your guests.

For presentation at your party consider hanging your cups along rope or twine.

Italian String purchased from Est Australia in Hawthorn. Tiny wooden scoops from Market Import in Armadale. Mini pegs from Kikki K. Red and White Peppermint Bullseyes from The Original Lolly Shop in Canterbury.

An alternative presentation idea is to hang your cups off some decorative branches.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The downloadable pdfs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. They are not for commercial use. As a courtesy, if you wish to link to anything on this article, please link to this page and not directly to a downloadable file. Thanks for reading this boring footer stuff! :)

{all images by Amy Moss}



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  1. So sweet. *-*
  2. Can't believe that I've never visit your blog before ... It's so great here. I love your style. Greets from Germany
  3. Fabulous idea and beautifully presented. I love your blog!
  4. Simply stunning!
  5. che carina!!
  6. this is such a cute idea!! love it!
  7. WOW! These are so pretty! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll be linking.
  8. very pretty. perfect favor for a holiday party.
  9. these are so sweet, amy! downloaded.

  10. Love the idea! I'm making some goodies for my friends for this holiday. I totally need to narrow it down. I think I'm going to use this cup template to deliver my goodies in. Maybe if I stick to cup size I'll be able to narrow it down to a small treat!
  11. These will be perfect for my housewarming this weekend. Thank you for posting this!
  12. Love the colors and design!
  13. Really cute idea... thanks for sharing it!
  14. Thank you for this great idea. The cups are very, very cute.
  15. What a fun idea! thanks a lot for your generosity
  16. oh, how cute!!!
    i wanna try to make them as a gift!!!
    perfect christmas idea!
  17. selby | Dec 10, 2009
    wow i really love these designs! i love this how can you design these i would love to make this sort of things
  18. Amy,
    you are so amazing !!!! I´m sharing your ideia on my blog (all credits for you ) :)))
  19. gorgeous! borrowing this idea for an egg hunt at my daughters birthday party :) love your blog, beautiful xx
  20. Very Cute - what a great idea!
  21. These are adorable! When I tried to download, a blank black screen came up. Any suggestions?
  22. papermilliegirl- try right clicking on the button and 'save link as' to your computer.
  23. papermilliegirl | Feb 10, 2010
    Thanks Amy, that worked! Love your work!
  24. Allegra | May 30, 2012
    How cute! Found this post through Pinterest and it totally inspired my graduation party theme! La Dolce Vita-- I'll screen the film outdoors and use this template for goodies! Any more ideas?
  25. Beautiful paper cup craft! It is also a type of reusing paper cups without making them garbage. Different colors of paper cups can be used in decorations.
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