DIY Persian Cotton Candy Wedding or Party Favours | August 14, 2009

DIY Persian Cotton Candy Wedding or Party Favours

Persian Cotton Candy (or Fairy Floss) also known as "Pashmak" would make an exotic gourmet favour for guests at your wedding or party. Available in various soft hues and flavours including Rose, Pistachio, and Vanilla, Pashmak resembles soft wisps of hair and looks really fab inside these transluscent paper envelopes. Read more for instructions and to download your free envelope template and assorted coloured labels.

DIY Persian Cotton Candy Wedding or Party Favours


  • Pashmak - I've used Vanilla (aqua label), Rose (pink label) and Pistachio (green label) flavours from Pariya. You can opt to use only one flavour with different coloured labels or even the same coloured label throughout- whatever suits the style of your wedding/party. Pashmak is not cheap, however you only need to give a small amount per guest.
  • Transluscent Paper with white polka dots for the envelopes.
  • White printable sticker paper or white card for labels- I've used a textured white card.
  • Double sided tape or glue.
  • Scalpel and Scissors.
  • Colour Printer.
  • Rounded corner punch - for envelopes
  • Small clear plastic sealable bags- these will need to fit inside the transluscent bag. (If they are too long they can always be folded back slightly).
  • Label design in assorted colours- download below.
  • Envelope template- DOWNLOAD HERE

Pashmak Favours - Aqua Label

Aqua Label | Download

Pashmak Favours - Pink Label

Pink Label | Download

Pashmak Favours - Green Label

Green Label | Download

DIY Persian Cotton Candy Wedding or Party Favours


Print out your envelope design onto transluscent, white polka dot paper and using the scalpel, cut out, score along fold lines (indicated by dotted lines) and construct your envelope. I've used double sided tape on the side tabs to stick the envelope together. Use the rounded corner punch on the corners of the lid.

Put your Pashmak into a sealable bag and make sure it is sealed thoroughly. Slip this bag into your transluscent envelope.

Print our your labels and cut out with scalpel.  For the rounded semi-circle edge, I found that cutting carefully and slowly with a scissors produced quite an accurate cut and I didn't need anything more sophisticated than that.

If you are using white card, put a strip of double sided tape along the length of the back of your label and stick onto the front of the bag. (View photos for positioning).

DIY Persian Cotton Candy Wedding or Party Favours


Because of the nature of Pashmak, it should be stored in a dark, cool place in an airtight container. Because of this it is probably best to package your favours at the very last possible moment before your wedding or party, (perhaps the day before) and it is crucial that you store it inside a sealable bag first before you put it into your transluscent envelope. In fact, to be on the safe side I would actually experiment before the event and test to see whether leaving the Pashmak in your sealable bag will preserve it adequately overnight.

DIY Persian Cotton Candy Wedding or Party Favours


For some really stylish recipes that use Pashmak try these from Gourmet Traveller.

Gourmet Traveller


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  1. What a fantastic idea. These look so beautiful and could be used for so many different occasions! I love the attention to detail like the textured card and poka dot paper for the envelopes too.
  2. These are super cute and would be great for a wedding.
  3. Coming from an "eye candy junkie", these are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing!
  4. this is really great post! thank you for sharing!!
  5. Wow-gorgeous! I really want to try this, it sounds wonderful! I'll be linking.
  6. Thanks. Glad you all like :)
  7. Wow! I wish I would have seen these for our wedding favors!!! They are so sweet! I love them so much, I'm going to do a blogpost at and link it back here! Thanks!
  8. Bea | Sep 3, 2009
    This is fantastic! Love the colors, so pretty.
  9. Thank you very much for the templates :)
  10. completely brilliant and oh-so-elegant!
  11. Great Idea! Especially the pink one...I can imagine using them for the book club meetings...for Jane Austen's of course!Thanks for sharing
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  13. so sweet and delicious. perfect for thank you door gift of wedding. nice envelope!
  14. quichea | May 19, 2010
    just found your site today - absolutely gorgeous!! thanks :)
  15. Shelley | Jun 29, 2010
    Such a unique idea! I'll be using it for my wedding. Thank you!
  16. Hello beautiful talented Amy Moss!

    This is my first time visiting your adorable blog and I must say it's about two hours that I am clicking around. So inspiring!
    And the reason I am writing this comment is this post; because I am Iranian and the words "pashmak" and "persian" made me do this! :)

    Thank you! xo
  17. kandyfly | Oct 11, 2010
    these are beautiful......... stunning little packages, i most definitely will be doing somthing like this at my wedding...... im half Iranian so i wanted some little Persian touches to it and this is perfect....... im completely inspired now... thank you :)
  18. A Very beautiful addition to any wedding. Love the uniqueness of the sets. And who doesn't like cotton candy.
  19. Brittney | Feb 21, 2011
    I have a question regarding the pashmak. It comes in 200g amounts, about how many of these little envelopes would that make?
  20. Solmaz | May 21, 2011
    How do you make Pashmak??
  21. Thanks very much for your kindness in supply a free envelope template.

    That goes a loooonnnnggg was as does word of mouth of a good deed.

  22. SIRA | Apr 25, 2012
    They are so cute. I love them. Thank you for your sharing.
  23. hand made, somehow more interesting than mass production. love the ideas :D
  24. I adore these DIY cotton candy wedding favors they look fantastic.
  25. Ruth | May 30, 2013
    I have a question regarding the pashmak. It comes in 200g amounts, about how many of these little envelopes would that make? How many serving do you get from this? Also where did you find the best price. Thanks so much. Ruth
  26. amelia | Mar 24, 2014
    hi! these are so lovely. thank you! i just have a small problem...when i download them, they become black and not the color they are supposed to be! that is actually what happens to all your downloads. the colored portions just turn to regular ink-black color. solution?
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