DIY Rustic Wedding Table Numbers | March 29, 2011

I recently bought a set of wood coasters from Carina Sherlock in Armadale.  It struck me that they would look beautiful transformed into wedding table number signs for a rustic style wedding.

I thought they would look especially good when combined with a set of nature-inspired numbers I had recently illustrated.

After some research I discovered that I could use Lazertran decal transfer paper to transfer the numbers onto the wood surface and successfully create the table number signs I had imagined!



  • A few sheets of Lazertran inkjet transfer paper
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Scissors
  • 2 brushes
  • Pure Turpentine
  • Glass jar - (to hold the turpentine)
  • Oil-based Polyurethane
  • Wood coasters or wood rounds (1 for each number)

I purchased my Lazertrain paper locally from Eckersley's Art & Craft. You should be able to buy it in good art/craft stores near you or at the online Lazertran shop.

For the wood coasters, here are a few sources I've found online:

Hickory Coaster Set from Terrain.

Olive Wood Coasters from Ten Thousand Villages

Rustic Natural Juniper Wood Coasters from Jasmins Treasures on Etsy.

White BIrch Wood Coaster from Virtual Design Lab on Etsy.

or save some money and make your own with this DIY Wood Coasters Project spotted at Earth Friendly Goodies.



Print out your numbers onto the Lazertran paper. Use your scissors to cut around the edges of your number decal. Allow the ink to dry for 30 minutes or so.

Soak the decal in water for 1 minute. (I've done this in the bathroom sink). This will help loosen the decal from it's backing. Retrieve your number from the water and remove any excess water.

Brush on a coat of Pure Turpentine onto the surface of your wood. (Make sure you're in a well-ventilated area!)

Slide the decal sideways slightly, away from it's backing (a centimetre or so). Stick the exposed edge of the decal to the surface of your wood (in the correct position) then slowly and gently slide the rest of the backing out from under the decal. The rest of the decal should now fall smoothly into place.

If there are any air bubbles you can use your brush and some turpentine to gently flatten them. However, don't use too much turpentine or the image will break apart!

As the number dries, the edges will turn white.

To remove the white edges and to stain your wood, brush on a couple of coats of oil-based polyurethane.

Your finished piece should look something like this (above).

I found the process a little tricky at first - you may wish to do a practice run. However it's really quite simple once you get the hang of it!

You can use your wood table numbers in combination with a rustic-style floral centerpiece. I've just propped it up against a jar.

Download the number sets below and please make sure to read the 'Conditions of Use' at the bottom of this article for important copyright info.

Each of these PDF files are over 2mb in size. If you're having trouble downloading, try right clicking on the download button and saving directly to your computer.



The downloadable pdfs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. They are not for commercial use. If you wish to incorporate any of my designs in your own personal projects, please attribute it to me by linking to my site. Please do not distribute any of my downloadable files. If you are kind enough to blog about this article, please feel free to use my photos as long as they are accompanied with a credit and link back to my site and/or this article. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page. Thanks for reading this boring footer stuff! :)

{ all images by Amy Moss }

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  1. ADORE the illustrations. what a gorgeous idea!
  2. Really love the idea and the beautiful fonts.
  3. Wow, really lovely. :)
  4. I love these! So original, great job!
  5. Kylie | Mar 29, 2011
    Gorgeous!! Thanks for the downloads too!! xox
  6. Wow, those numbers are absolutely gorgeous, Amy! That's all I was looking at in these images. You are a genius!
  7. What a great idea! Wish I were planning a wedding just to make this project :)
  8. Wow that wood piece is excellent! I'm totally doing that for my wedding hehe :)

    Belly B
  9. Lauren | Mar 29, 2011
    Can you buy lazetran in melbourne anywhere?
  10. LizB | Mar 30, 2011
    Thank you so much. This will be perfect for my wedding in June. You are awesome!
  11. Ah your diy's are just so lovely! Every step and the end result are BEAUTIFUL!
  12. Meghan | Mar 30, 2011
    SO SO beautiful!! My first Daughter is due in June, and I immediately thought these numbers would be gorgeous in her nursery somewhere. She will have a nature theme in her room, so these are perfect. I'm going to work on the project, and I will definitely show you what I come up with!!

    Thank you so much for these :)

    (by the way, long-time reader, first time commenter. I can't come to your blog directly that often because my work computer BLOCKS me - how dare they, haha! - and I never have time at home to get on, so I read your blog via a reader. But please know, altho my reading doesn't count in your hits, I LOVE your blog!!)
  13. very original and soo beautiful x
  14. gorgeous. Thanks so much!
  15. such an amazing idea!
  16. Hi Lauren- Yes, I bought the lazertran paper from Eckersley's in Prahran.
  17. these are nothing short of brilliant!!!
  18. These are incredible! I wish you wrote this 2 years go, in time for my outdoor wedding! Thanks for sharing. Love the numbers!
  19. Lana | Mar 30, 2011
    Thank you for sharing these! Now I need to think of where to use them :)
  20. Those are so beautiful! What a fabulous idea!
  21. very creative! i'll take note of this for my wedding :)
  22. love these! I always have 'ahhhhhh' moments on your website!
  23. Lizzy | Mar 30, 2011
    sooo pretty :D
  24. Yeah that will be amazing for a center piece. Nice work. I think I like the numbers to put in my child's room. :D
  25. Oh my gosh this is just heavenly. I'm pinning it if you don't mind =)

  26. Fantastic! I was just thinking yesterday that I'd like to go with a natural, woodsy look in a nursery (for babies, not plants... though I'm not expecting, only hoping someday to :), and I'd love to possibly incorporate these numbers... Don't suppose you've come across any woodsy letters?
  27. wow... I dont know what i love more.. the wood grain detailing or the fantastic, whimsical illustrations!
  28. Bonnie | Mar 31, 2011
    These are awesome! Thank you for sharing. I don't have a rustic wedding coming up but I'm thinking garden party fundraiser... Perfect!
  29. Diana | Mar 31, 2011
    These are amazing! Love the use of natural elements in decor.
  30. Kate | Mar 31, 2011
    These are so wonderful....perfect for my wedding in July :)
  31. Amy these are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! All your DIY projects + everything you do WAOOO. Total girl crush on you :)
  32. Gorgeous! I love this idea . Its so fun to see natural elements like this on a table, so unique!
  33. Methinks I just found a fantastic way to display my house numbers. GORGEOUS idea...I'm going to get a wood round and do the same exact thing. Brilliant.
  34. Nissa | Apr 9, 2011
    I like your website, but the font is so hard to read, its too light and causes straining on my eyes. You may want to use a darker gray or brown font color.
  35. Thanks!
  36. Belèn | Apr 24, 2011
    Is Genial!!!
  37. John Barnard | May 13, 2011
    Do you think this would work on the back of a wooden spoon?
  38. you are so generous to share your talents and make them downloadable! you're too kind. :)
  39. Hi, I'm writing from Italy and I really like these ideas.. can I share them in my blog with a link to this page? I read the conditions... but usually I prefer to ask! :)
    Thank you,

  40. Oh those are beautifully done - they look so natural with the cool woodsy number set. Love em!

    Thanks for the shout out for my make your own wood coasters post too. What a delightful blog you have. :)
  41. mas | Apr 7, 2012
  42. Camille | Jul 2, 2012
    Thank you dear heart for sharing your gorgeous handmade creations with us! The moment I saw these I knew I had to use them for my wedding this November. The time you took to create these is deeply appreciated, and to give it so freely. You are a gem!
  43. Laura | Jul 27, 2012
    These are beautiful. I'm currently making them for my daughter's wedding in the white mntns of NH, so they'll be perfect!
    HOWEVER, the #'s aren'tdark & therefore are difficult to read on the wood. I followed the directions exact w/exact products. ANY suggestions?
  44. Simply stunning idea. I love the originality and the woodland feel. I love pinecone trees.
  45. Tamara Ezernack | Oct 9, 2012
  46. Hi I am SO excited I just found this page as I've been planning on doing a design on a cut of wood for our save the dates. I live in Melbourne as well and was wondering if you know of anywhere else to get cuts of wood that may be able to be bought in bulk or even as logs so that I can cut them? Thanks so much!!
  47. You are really a artistic person to do such gorgeous handmade creations. I really appreciate your wonderful ideas.
  48. Such a beautiful way to signal a table. And thank you for giving your such artistic numbers. I wanted to show and share your work so I gave your link in one of my post ( Thanks
  49. Vanessa | Jun 27, 2013
    Do you have #24-#30
  50. really beautiful !!!!!!!
  51. Mrs. J | Jun 30, 2015
    Love this! Perfect for our friends wedding...
    Will try! Many thanks!
  52. Kimberly Mallinson | Aug 9, 2015
    Oh goodness, I have just made these for table numbers at our wedding. They look amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this creative idea. They fit perfectly with our vintage rustic romance theme. Bring on 6 weeks time!
  53. so creative mind only few people have this is
    gods gift to you
    God bless you for such a Great gift work
  54. Excellent use of Lazertran :)
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  65. these wedding table numbers are very pretty! in addition we can involve the guests in the making of these decorations
  66. thansk for sharing
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