DIY Tags- Fun with Watercolours... | August 03, 2012

So I promised you another 'Bon Appetit' cutlery tag freebie. However, I'm still awaiting those props I ordered. {Sigh}. Crossing my fingers and toes in the hope that they'll arrive next week. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd play around with watercolour paints...

These are just a bit of fun and super-easy to do. Using thick watercolour paper (not exceeding 280gsm) I've cut out tag shapes with a craft punch then basically just messed around to see what kinds of pretty and striking colour effects I can make with watercolour paints, (e.g, gradients, colour-blocking, etc.)  Nothing fancy, just keeping it simple. I've then used some mini alphabet stamps and coloured inks, to print some messages on them. Voila. Easy as pie.

You can use them to decorate gifts or to add a splash of colour to a table-setting!

Happy Friday! xo

{ images by Amy Moss } 

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  1. Love love love ! I had a tree for Christmas with the same principle!
  2. Thanks for sharing, they look great! Will try asap :-)
  3. Nice! definitely will try it :D
  4. Sarah | Aug 3, 2012
    This is so pretty! Any tips on the actual painting part?
  5. Love this, espeically coordinating the stamped lettering with the colour of the paint.
  6. This is just adorable! I love making hand made personalized name tags as a dinner party but this is an excellent personalized touch!
  7. These are gorgeous. I love the colors you chose and the stamped letters add such a nice touch. I will have to try these out. Thanks for the great idea,
  8. Virginia L. | Aug 4, 2012
    These tags are absolutely gorgeous and refreshing! Thanks to the Hero Arts tweet, I got to visit your lovely blog! Happy summer!
  9. These are just lovely, you have so many great ideas!
  10. Very nice ! Thank you for this beautiful DIY
  11. Allison | Aug 6, 2012
    I would also be curious to hear how you did the painting part! So very pretty!
  12. How fresh! Love these!
  13. Hi all- thanks for the lovely comments! In reply to those who wanted more details of the actual painting part- one tip I can give to you is that the higher quality and more textured the watercolour paper, the easier it is to get a gradient to look smooth.

    With actually painting, you do need to play around to get a feel for how much water you will need to use with your paint. Obviously the more water, the lighter the colour, the less water the more intense the colour but you do need at least a bit of water so that the result is smooth.

    With the gradients, I generally start brushing (using a thick brush) sideways back and forth down the tag and because there was more paint on my brush to begin with, the colour at the top has greater intensity while towards the end, the colour will get lighter and therefore form a gradient. I'll then go back and touch up imperfections and areas where the gradient wasn't very smooth. Another technique was to water down my paint and colour a portion of the tag in the one light uniform tone, then i'll switch to a thinner brush and grab a dash of the same colour paint with a lot less water and brush a couple of lines at the top of the section with the more intense colour and then work it into the rest of it to form the gradient.

    Like I said, it really just requires a bit of playing around till you find something that works for you- they don't need to be completely 'perfect' to look good. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite easy. I hope this was helpful! :)
  14. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing. :)
  15. So beautiful! Pinning right now.
  16. Just too lovely !
    I love it. :)
  17. These are beautiful! So simple and yet such a pretty touch.
  18. How i wish i had those art materials ;A; thanks for sharing your ideas :) love it!
  19. This is such a nice project! Thank you for sharing it. So simple, but so classy.
  20. These are fabulous! Love to do this for my next party! Thx for sharing :)
  21. What a great DIY!
  22. Kate | Sep 10, 2012
    Amy, thanks for being a great source of inspiration and sharing your fantastic ideas.
    I just love these! I was wondering how you manage to space the letter stamps so evenly? I have a larger set from Kikki-K and my lettering ends up all over the shop.
  23. Wonderful idea - will work very well with Bridal and Baby Shower Favors,. Thanks for the idea!
  24. This is such a sweet and adorable tutorial. The colors are perfect.
  25. Ina | Dec 8, 2012
    Dear Amy Moss

    Thank You for all you have shared .

    small tree
  26. Jamee | Aug 2, 2013
    Did you use the same paint to stamp your letterrs?

    thank you! They look beautiful!
  27. I actually went to Michaels today to buy all these materials because I really liked this idea c: It doesn't even require much effort and its great for giving gifts and goody bags :D
  28. This idea is great! I will try with napkins to see how it works , thanks Amy!
  29. Very pretty, love the scollop border! Thank you for sharing :)
  30. gorgeous work!
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