DIY Valentine Post-it Love Notes | February 09, 2011

To elicit a smile or two from your loved one on Valentines's day (or any day for that matter) try writing sweet little messages on post-its and leave them in unexpected locations for your partner to find. Places to hide them include- on your partner's pillow, on the bathroom mirror, on top of your partner's laptop or on the fridge door. Hopefully it will brighten up their day!

To dress up your notes a little, try using alphabet stamps in combination with a variety of bright and fun ink colours to create your messages.

I'm completely smitten with the 'Duncan' alphabet stamp set from 7321Design. The set is described as "DIY" which basically means you have to attach the rubber stamps to their plastic handles. It takes a bit of time to set up but it's well worth it for such beautiful lettering.

There's a bunch of other cute stamp sets in the DIY range also.

Melbournites who want to pick up this stamp set locally should try Handworks on Chapel St. in Prahran.

Happy stamping!

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  1. they are SO sweet! think l'll be getting a set of stamps. have a FAB valentines day! x
  2. i make these and leave them all over for my husband to find. it is so much fun and so easy! i'll have to post the ones i made tonight.

    i just love your site. i posted a valentine's day printable post tonight/this morning and included links to several of your projects. thanks for the great inspiration!
  3. So cute! Thanks for sharing.
  4. ahh! I love stamps! :) so cute
  5. what a sweet idea! if i saw one for me, i'd be happy :)
  6. Super sweet!
  7. very fun and sweet idea, I think I will try this and put them in my kids lunches. Thanks for sharing
  8. Tosha | Feb 10, 2011
    LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!
  9. These are adorable! I wish I had a set of letter stamps like that so I could make some cute cards like these post-its.
  10. That is so adorable!
    I'm so gonna do that!

    Thank you for this cute idea!!

  11. Kelly J. R. | Feb 10, 2011
    Another fun idea along those same lines is to use a dry erase marker to write on the bathroom mirror, windows or anything porcelain. I love to leave my husband a message on the mirror before I go to bed since he gets up before I do. Then when I get up and he's already gone to work, there's a message from him scribbled beneath the one I wrote.
  12. These are really sweet. One of the most romantic thing my fiance ever did was leave me a post that read 'xoxo, B.' So simple, but really touching. I still have it, 3 years later.
  13. I'm a sucker for anything DIY! this looks beautiful and so easy to make :)
  14. so sweet! I love the colors and the font on the stamps.
  15. adorable idea! i used to leave notes all the time, i miss doing it. i'll have to leave them for strangers to find this year!
  16. aww.. thanks for sharing these great valentine's day ideas with us! i absolutely adore this one! there's a slight problem though... i dun have that kinda handwriting!! haha
  17. so clever. love those stamps.
  18. so cute! this would just make my day if someone left me a little love post-it : )

    ps i'm having a gourmet chocolate GIVEAWAY over at my blog just in time for <3 day
  19. You always share the cutest things! Especially cute stamps (like that lips one from a while ago)... stamps may be my weakness.


    {Check out a Giveaway at my blog,}
  20. Nice, lovely!!!!!
  21. I love the use of different colored inks and the font of those letter stamps! And I love the combo of hand-written and hand-stamped. Nice touch.

    A while back I did a similarly-themed DIY in which I stamped supportive messages (like "you just blew my mind") into Field Notes -- they came out awesome.
  22. Liis | Nov 24, 2011
    but where can i buy the ink colors boxes?
    i love these...
  23. I love these! I am going to use them in my class and on Valentine's day! Very exciting!
  24. lidiA | Mar 25, 2012
    è bellissimo!!! per favore dove posso comprare i colori invece? e che numeri sono quelli che hai...
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