DIY Vintage Tea Cannister Labels- Free Download | July 03, 2009

Vintage Tea Labels

As promised in my previous article on DIY Authentic Vintage Herb Labels, I've also created four tea labels for your collection- English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile and Peppermint. In the photo I've used amber jars from T2 Teas. Download the labels below and please view the article on DIY Authentic Vintage Herb Labels for instructions on how to create the vintage paper effect on the labels.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Vintage Tea Labels

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  1. Miranda cunningham | Jan 3, 2010
    I have been searching for labels I like for all my dried garden herbs and teas and spices. YOU WIN! any chance you will do as you thought and make these and the herbs to where we can edit them? I would love that!!! thank you!
  2. kalia | Jan 5, 2010

    love what you are doing! will you be coming out with more tea labels?
  3. Raggedy Android | Jun 2, 2010
    You might try Specialty Bottle for the containers on which to put these lovely labels. They have glass & plastic bottles & jars, as well as aluminum tins, for very inexpensive.
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  5. Amy, now I know what to do with my used Aesop jars! I actually called the company to see if they recycled them, but they said to just put them in the council recycling bin. So sad. But you have created something beautiful to revitalise them!
  6. emelia hedstrom | Jan 1, 2013
    I just love these labels. I have had a great herb garden this year and these are perfect (much nicer than my sharpie writing on a mason jar) thanks for sharing!
  7. Debbie Tidd | Oct 29, 2013
    So love these lables...I have this beautiful rack of herb jars and they all need new lables any chance there are more...or fill in the blank lables available? The rack holds 24 and I have others that we use more often that sit around it. Would really love this look in my kitchen <3
  8. Bernice McEwen | Nov 23, 2013
    Thankyou for the beautiful labels. I love making all of my herb and tea mixes, your labels are so beautiful, make my product just perfect. Thankyou
  9. I found your site again! I downloaded your ice cream party items a long time ago and then saw these labels on Pinterest. Thanks for all your lovely creativity!

    I wanted to ask you though about this comment box. It's fabulous and I was wondering if it's a plugin or something else? It's super cute!

  10. Wow. Thanks. These are cute. Used it with my Infinity Jars and they look awesome. Thank you.
    They are absolutely best for keeping tea fresh.
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