DIY Wedding "Hanky" Love Letters | August 30, 2010

I love the creative ways in which vintage handkerchiefs have been incorporated into weddings recently! Whether for Save the Dates, Invitations or simply for decoration- a collection of these hankies in various floral patterns creates such a beautiful, old-fashioned aesthetic.

Inspired by this concept, I designed some letter-writing paper sheets in the style of vintage hankies. Guests can pick them off a line to write little notes to the newlyweds and then hang them back up for display!

In the same vein as this previous DIY where I also explored the concept of 'Love Notes', these "Hanky" Love Letters are a unique guestbook alternative for your wedding.

Download the designs below and print out onto textured white stock. Then use a ruler and scalpel to cut out the individual sheets.

I've also provided a design with a cross-stitch heart in the center. This can be used as a decorative device in between your hanging letters.

I hope you enjoy these designs! I'm sure you can find a multitude of other uses for them also- e.g notecards, everyday letter-writing, thank-you notes etc.

(If file does not download properly, try right clicking on the download button and save to your computer.)


CONDITIONS OF USE:  The downloadable pdfs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. They are not for commercial use. If you wish to incorporate any of my designs in your own personal projects, please attribute it to me by linking to my site. Please do not distribute any of my downloadable files. If you wish to blog about this article, please feel free to use my photos as long as they are accompanied with a credit and link back to my site and/or this article. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page.  Thanks for reading this boring footer stuff! :)


{ all images by Amy Moss }

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  1. I love them!!! I designed a wedding invitation for a friend, and it was beautiful too, but yours are so great!!
  2. These are so amazingly beautiful, I want to print out some and hang them in my room, just for display. Thank you
  3. So incredibly lovely. Thank you*!*
  4. Oh my, these are SO lovely!!! What a fantastic, original idea. Love it!!!
  5. How great is this! Thank you for the free download. How darling!
  6. Diane | Aug 31, 2010
    Thanks so much! My daughter is having a simple country wedding this weekend - these will be perfect!
  7. Thank you sooo much!!! You have saved me hours of designing my guest book idea, because I'm totally using these for my wedding next month instead.
  8. so adorable, thank you so much:)
  9. Dear,
    It's so lovely...
    thank you for the free download
  10. are AMAZING i love these and everything you do is fabulous :)
  11. These are gorgeous... Such a brilliant idea to do these on paper! Thanks for the download.
  12. What a gorgeous idea and design! I'll be using these for little handwritten invites for a ladies brunch I'll be hosting in Sept. Thanks for making the event even more special!
  13. Thank you so much. These are gorgeous! I'm thinking about using them as a banner for my 30th birthday picnic :)
  14. These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing. :)
  15. Gorgeous. Love the idea for a wedding.
  16. These are so cute-cute-cute!
  17. These are so gorgeous! I'm going to print some for the wall!
  18. Oh, how lovely! Thanks for sharing!
  19. These are soo me! Thank you so much for sharing such cute hanky creations!!
  20. erin | Sep 1, 2010
    Thank you for these lovely designs!
  21. jane in nw louisiana | Sep 1, 2010
    Thank you so much for sharing these hankies. I love them
  22. jani | Sep 1, 2010
    These are adorable,and so useful. Thank you for the download and the idea!
  23. These are so adorable! Thanks for the lovely downloads...perfect for thank you notes, parties and so much more :)
  24. I love this idea - thank you!!
  25. Wow Super lovely! thanks for sharing! :)
  26. Darling!!
  27. Thank you SO much! They are perfect!
  28. these are the cutest printables...thanks for sharing!!
  29. These are adorable! Great post love the vintage touch!
  30. Carol | Sep 2, 2010
    These are beautiful and so lovely of you for sharing! Bless you! :-)
  31. Oh how I wish I had had these a few weeks ago for the vintage inspired Sweet Sixteen party I styled for my daughter. I used vintage hankies for the bunting for the photo booth. They would have been great for thank you cards and would have tied in with the theme perfectly. My daughter ended up typing thank you cards on a vintage typewrite which look fabulous too.
  32. These are lovely, thank you.
  33. Hmmm, designs like these, and more, are still very much in use here, in India!
  34. The cards look cool! I love them at the first glance. I have hear a lot about vintage handkerchiefs, but today i saw them. thanks
  35. perfect designs for tea party invitations. and then print them again with tea recipes on them to give to guests when they leave. beautiful!!!
  36. Gramjak | Sep 5, 2010
    Absolutely beautiful with so many wonderful uses! Thanks for designing and sharing them!
  37. I just blogged these for my sunday freebie page that will be posted around 8am! Linked back to you as you requested. I love your project and your blog :)
  38. Thank you for the pretty hankies. They're beautiful!!! I just printed one out and used it as a get well note for a friend. I know she'll love it.
  39. milena | Sep 6, 2010
    thank you; this is really cute!
  40. I've been looking for something cute to print my table numbers on, this is just the ticket! Thank you for your generous free download.
  41. We usually don't give love letters for the newlyweds, I myself haven't gave any of this to my newlywed friends. But it's cute, I bet next time I will.
  42. so sweet, thanks!
  43. These are unbelievable. So incredibly pretty, cute and chic at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing these.
  44. Wehaf | Sep 10, 2010
    Gorgeous! I love them! I know you don't know me from Adam, so it's awfully presumptuous of me to make a suggestion, but I'm going to make one anyway, and you can ignore it if you like and I won't be offended. I think you should adapt these as letterfu designs ( ). They'd be so perfect and lovely, and so much better than any of the letterfu designs available now! There's even a blank template available on the letterfu website for designers to work with.
  45. I just stumbled upon your blog and I just wanna say how beautiful it is.
  46. I LOVE THESE! So cute!! I might have to do these for our wedding...:)
  47. Simply adorable - so romantic and lovely.
  48. What a unique idea. I love that they can write a note to and then hang it back up. How clever!
  49. Judith LaFaver | Sep 26, 2010
    If I wanted to edit these by actually typing something in them, how would I go about doing that? I'm a little dumb about pdfs.

    Thanks! These are fantastic and I can't wait to use these for my wedding!
  50. Claudia | Sep 29, 2010
    These are so so so cute. Thanks a million! Lots and lots of ideas are popping into my head! Greetings from Germany
  51. Hi Judith- I don't think you can add text to the document simply using the Acrobat Reader. However, if you get Acrobat Pro I believe you can. Similarly, if you have a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop you will be able to do it.
  52. SO, SO, SO CREATIVE! Sorry, I didn't mean to scream:)
  53. Min Htet Kyaw | Nov 21, 2010
    I love Thae Wint Naing
    I wanna marry with Her
  54. Juli | Nov 22, 2010
    Oooooh, these are so pretty!
    Thank you!
  55. These are so beautiful! I can't wait to use these for my wedding. Thank you so much.
  56. Joanne | Jan 16, 2011
    Absolutely fantastic .. ! i love them.. thanks so much for sharing
  57. Sherry | Jan 22, 2011
    Hi I love your design. They are very pretty.
  58. Sherry | Jan 22, 2011
    Hi I love your design. They are very pretty.
  59. deirdrelarisa | Jan 30, 2011
    Ooooo, these are a perfect Valentine's day surprise! These are going to make a homemade dinner very special for 2 poor students ;)
  60. Reine | Jan 31, 2011
    Oh these would be so lovely at our wedding! Thanks :o)
  61. Jennifer | Feb 2, 2011
    need help adding text, thanks!
  62. Jennifer | Feb 2, 2011
    me again...using a Mac. can't get the text box to link w/the hanky. need help.
  63. adorable, pretty nice!!!!
  64. Hi! I found your site and I loved it !!So great the love letters! Cute and lovely!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us !!

    Maria Tereza Maranhão
  65. half asleep but very energized upon discovering your very very awesome blog! will be back another day after a good night's rest and coffee!

  66. Eliel | Aug 17, 2011
    Wonderful! Thank You! Kisses from Brasil.
  67. these are beautiful. thank you so much. i always look forward to your free templates. you are awesome <3
  68. enney | Sep 26, 2011
    these are lovely and just give my heart some little happy wings to fly about with. i do hope you get your dream of blogging for a living i am one of the many who thinks your work is outstanding, well done.
  69. Rosemary | Sep 27, 2011
    Love these! Going to use them as shower invitations. There are two ways to print text on them that I know of. The first would be to print them and then run them through the printer a second time to print the text. Just have measure them to make a template first and hold them up to the light until you get it just right.

    Second is to use the Snapshot Tool which looks like a camera in the Adobe .pdf reader. After you click the camera icon drag a box around what you want to copy and then paste it into an image editor like Photoshop Elements (you can download a free trial) and then you can make a text layer on top of the hanky layer. That is how I did it. They came out so cute!
  70. marcie | Jan 17, 2012
    thank you for sharing!
  71. Jenn Schmidt | Feb 25, 2012
    Just stumbled on your site, and you're amazing. I've been pinning so much on Pinterest! Thanks for all the free downloads. Wow. Seriously.
  72. Diana | Mar 3, 2012
    Very lovely and generous of you to share these! Only problem I seem to be having is getting the page to load for any of the downloads so that I could save and print. Is there another option for downloading available? Perhaps your site is overwhelmed and I will try again otherwise I do love the uniqueness of this and hope to use it. Thanks again for your offer and generosity!
  73. mas | Apr 8, 2012
    pweeeeeetyyy :)
  74. violet | Apr 26, 2012
    I love this lovely things, there are so pretty ^^
  75. Great nice collection i like this really thnxxx for sharinh......))
  76. Petra | Aug 22, 2012
    No, I can't really believe I get to download all this gorgeousness for free! Thank you thank you thank you!!! It's fair to say you made my life more beautiful :)
  77. marilena brasil | Aug 27, 2012
    eu ameeei, muito obrigada pela ajuda!!!!
  78. Petula | Nov 30, 2012
    Thank you - these are great!
  79. Kelly | Jan 29, 2013
    Thank you for the lovely sharing.
  80. It's beautiful design!
    Thank you!!
  81. Phat | Jul 25, 2013
    I love this, your idea so cute.
    We really to say thank so much for your idea.
    We will use it in my wedding soon.
  82. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these! I am doing a vintage hanky DIY wedding in a few months - and these will be an absolutely perfect touch for guests to leave us notes and advice. Gorgeous!!!!
  83. So beautiful . U are very talented and creative . U are a kind soul to share your beautiful work with others. May GOD's Angels shine upon U and keep U safe under their wings and bless U for your good works of a kind heart and soul.

    I would like your permeation to make a card for a friend of mine whom is so dear to my heart.
    Thank U & GOD BLESS U
    Shelia Taylor
  84. Daniana | Feb 10, 2016
    Excellent, I love it! thanks :)
  85. Thanks for your post! I love your designs and choice of font! <3
  86. sharon | Mar 3, 2017
    Thanks so much for sharing this! Love it!
  87. Thanks mam
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