Fab Four... May 4, 2011 | May 04, 2011

{ 1 }  Pear and Raspberry fruit crush from Belvois Fruit Farms

{ 2 }  Heart chipboard postcard from Set Editions { via wit + delight }

{ 3 }  Bonjour Bebe card from Lazy Oaf

{ 4 }  2-Pack textile bags from H&M Home

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  1. bonjour bébe is no sweet! no, everything is sweet!
  2. That bag is adorable!!!
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  3. These are all so pretty! I love the textile bags :)

    Belly B
  4. Those postcards are so cute... so simple. I love them.
  5. I love the doggie picture and the beverage. Very french and fun looking =)

    - Sarah
  6. H&M has home now??? im so out of it.

    pear and raspberry sound yummy :)
  7. This is so perfect! Great little board Amy! xo
  8. Love the poodle!
  9. I love that juice bottle! Stephie x
  10. What a fun and happy collection! :) Love it!
  11. i think i want the pear raspberry crush fruit drink bottle more than the actual drink! so pretty!
  12. Oooo, I do like the cards. Where do you find them?
  13. love the illustration of the dog. so cute.
  14. Perfection, as always, darling! I just adore these fun collages you post. I really want that adorable bag! It's so whimsical.

  15. omg. #1 & #4 puh leeze. great blog and great finds :)

  16. Love all of it! Postcard so simple and chic!
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