Fab Four... October 28, 2011 | October 28, 2011

{ 1 }  Tipi Poster from Little Studio { via seesaw. }

{ 2 }  Twig pencils from North Rock Gallery

{ 3 }  50 metres yarn on vintage spools from Bodie and Fou

{ 4 }  Extra virgin olive oil in handpainted bottle from Selfridges { via Oh Joy! }

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  1. Oh I love the pencils! Fantastic.
  2. Love the colours!!
  3. Wonderful colours for dull drab London morning :-) Great combo!
    Loving the olive oil bottle and vintage spools.
  4. i really like the colors:)
  5. I really like color of the olive oil model, mine is just clear!
  6. I'm reading along for a while now, but it's the first time that I leave a reply here on your lovely blog. I really love the yarn from Bodie & Fou... And the hand painted bottle would be a great Christmas present for my mom! :-)
    Loving your blog!!
    Love from Belgium,

  7. Lovin' all the colors here... especially those pencils!
  8. Sooo cute!!
  9. Love your blog!
  10. Love that poster. And the olive oil bottle!
  11. I love the rainbow olive oil bottle! There is a similar looking rainbox dinner setting range at Harris Scarf and I've had my eye on the juice jug for a few months now!
  12. That tipi poster looks so cute!! I really like the boho vibe in the poster. Thank you for sharing!
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