Fab Four... | May 08, 2012

{ ONE } Vintage Perrier poster by Bernard Villemot from Galerie Montmatre

{ TWO } Woven thong sandals from Zara (Hey, did you know that Zara is opening up in Chaddy soon?)

{ THREE } I'm in love with this Petrie leather couch from Crate and Barrel

{ FOUR } Cushion by Scholten and Baijings

posted under: Fab Four, Fashion, Home Décor, Vintage Style


  1. Wow !! The sandals are amazing ! very gorgeous, and it is Zara ..! Yeah ;)
  2. I have to say I always wait for a new post from you.
    I love your posts filled with goodies!

    perrier in general have a great selection of vitage posters that are just amazing. they are always in a sort of color block, and have a very distinctive design

  3. I love the colors in the Perrier poster too!
  4. I love your blog! And your freebies! So inspirational and creative :) Love love love!
  5. LOVE this post and I have that perrier poster! I bought it from galerie monmartre a number of years ago but only just got it framed - pride of place in my new home in the kitchen. x
  6. Oh lawrdy, the Zara heels make me wish is was my birthday.
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  8. The goods are very nice and pretty and modern
  9. Those sandals~~ I want it!! I only like black and white shoes but this stripped sandals are just fab! Thank you for sharing!!
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