Fenton and Fenton | February 11, 2010

Loving the mix of exotic fabrics for interiors and for fashion at Fenton and Fenton in Prahran, Melbourne.

posted under: Fashion, Home Décor, Interiors, Melbourne Chic


  1. Oh that all looks beautiful. I'll have one of everything on that clothes rack!

    Will have to visit when I'm in Melbourne next...
  2. Elma | Jun 12, 2010
    This is the most beautiful interior shop ever! I've started transfoming my home to look like it. Every piece is so mysterious and exotic with a warm feeling. I heart Fenton!
  3. Anna | Jul 9, 2011
    Gorgeous wares! What fashion labels do they stock? I love all the clothes but sadly I live on the wrong side of the country to visit!
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