Ferme à Papier by Cat Seto | May 28, 2013

Wow, this collection of illustrated paper goods by Cat Seto is absolutely STUNNING. Check out Ferme à Papier.

{ via Anthology }

posted under: Gift Ideas, Illustration, Stationery


  1. Lovely! Really like the hello one!
  2. LOVE!
  3. Adore these, especially the hello card! The merci card is my second favorite. Cat's work is amazing!
  4. thanks for the tip, very beautiful!
  5. Thank you for featuring Ferme à Papier--we love everything about Eat Drink Chic! xo Cat
  6. I'm in LOVE with the Merci notecards! It's very Snow White goes to France. I adore it! <3
  7. I love these cards! Beautiful! I really want the "Hello" plaid card!
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  14. So lovely !!! and for as soon as in French ... top notch! because my children are in reality going to suppose this year that Santa clause can't communicate the alternative language than English due to the lovely English labels I have located !! WOW, so smooth yet appears so appropriate. I thought this will be so tough, but you destroy it down so nicely and include pictures (it's very visible). thanks!
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