Found Bottles and Flowers from my Mother's Garden | October 30, 2009

Today I thought I'd share with you some floral inspiration along with a 'show and tell' of my ever-expanding bottle collection!

I have an unhealthy obsession with bottles, especially vintage and especially in beautiful blue hues. Walking into a vintage store can generally be quite hazardous to my bank account. Try as I might to kick the habit, I inevitably end up returning home with yet another bottle only to add yet another unnecessary item to our space-challenged apartment. However, they sure are pretty! :)

  1. Mini clear vintage bottle from Chapel St Bazaar
  2. Linmaren Bottle from Ikea
  3. The Bell Patent bottle from an antique shop in Canterbury
  4. Large, wide blue bottle from Spotlight
  5. Small blue bottle with vintage label from A Day on Earth (former Chapel St store)
  6. Vintage Imperial Brewing Co. bottle from Izzi and Popo

... and flowers from my mother's garden.

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  1. So very pretty! I loved how you labeled each one.
  2. Lana | Oct 30, 2009
    Lovely to see my flowers in your pretty bottles Amy. Flowers are: Cecile Brunner Roses, Pelagonium Inodorum (native geranium), Valerian, Italian Lavender, Geraldton Wax, Eremophila Nivea
  3. It's really nice that the bottles have such bright colours!
  4. What a lovely collection! And the light in the photographs is really breath-taking, especially when you consider that the days over here in Europe are getting shorter and shorter. Love it!
  5. I love how simplicity can be so beautiful. Once again such wonderful creative ideas!
  6. wow I'm so speechless when I reach your blog. It's so adorable and sweet. I will follow this blog for my daily inspiration :)
  7. How lovely!
  8. Adeline | Nov 2, 2009
    i just love your creativity & artistic flair!
    may i be so bold as to ask for a slightly higher res pic of the group bottles/flowes to use as my desktop background? pretty pretty pls :)
  9. Hi Adeline- Thanks! I'm so flattered that you would like to use my image as your wallpaper. I can't get you a higher res version just yet but I will actually be creating some desktops soon and will consider turning your suggested image into one!
  10. What amazing photos! Love the simplicity of it all.
  11. The blue bottles are so charming. Your flower arrangements bring out the most in their subtle shades of blue.
  12. so beautiful and awesome
  13. young sun | Feb 7, 2010
    love you
  14. Beautiful photos of some beautiful flowers & bottles. :)
  15. I really love the styling of your photos! beautiful!!
  16. Amy | Feb 15, 2011
    Your bottles are gorgeous! I am so with you on the blue color. I just got two great looking ones off EBAY with those wonderful porcelain lids.

    Love the flowers in yours!
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