Found Object: Quirky Eggcups | January 14, 2010

Meet Mr and Mrs Egghead. An impulse purchase that was the combined result of sifting through cheap kitsch in touristy beachside shops and a kind of crazed frivolity that comes with finally being on holiday. Maybe it was just a little too much sun, I don't know, but I thought these eggcups found in Phillip Island, Victoria were the most adorable little things ever and I instantly had to have them. And now I do.

The Penguin Parade was AMAZING, by the way.

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  1. These are strangely adorable, but more so, I LOVE how you used the texture on the image. Did you produce the texture and border yourself?
  2. These are adorable! I want to steal them to sit with my Beefeater egg cup I got in England :D
  3. lol, those crack me up! I love them. Now you eat soft boiled eggs in eggcups, right? I don't think I've ever tried those, but I think I would if I could eat them out of those cups!
  4. I cannot decide whether I think these are adorable and love them or if they creep me out slightly in a Hannibal Lector eating brains sort of way. Hmm
  5. How CUTE are they! Dreaming of seeing the penguin parade one day soon.
  6. These are adorable! They would make egg consumption much more enjoyable. :)
  7. My boyfriend has a boiled egg every morning. I would love to get him something like this!
  8. i love them! x
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