Found Objects at Brunswick St Bookstore | October 15, 2009

On Sunday the fiancé and I took a stroll down Brunswick St- Something we haven't done together in quite some time. It started off as a lovely day- beautiful sunshine, not a drop of rain in sight and a lovely brunch (in aforementioned sunshine) at Madame Sousou. Of course, being Melbourne, the pleasant weather was predictably short-lived and we soon found ourselves caught in torrential downpour.  

However, before this dramatic outburst from the heavens, I re-discovered Brunswick St Bookstore. I just love all the little treasures they have hidden there.  I picked up a copy of The Hungry Girls Cookbook Volume 2 and this very cute little postcard of an apple core by ask alice stationery. Just thought I'd share...

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  1. I love anything 'tea' related and that top notebook is sooooo adorable!
  2. Thank you for including Ask Alice Stationery on your lovely blog. Ask Alice is my little project and it's still in it's very early days. I have just started a blog...
    and I am currently building the Ask Alice website. I will continue to pop into eatdrinkchic, it's a gem of a blog. (:
  3. Hi Sass! Thanks for popping by! I was trying to track down your website so that I could link to it but couldn't get to it. Thanks for linking to your blog here. Your stationery is gorgeous!
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  10. Oh, the postcard is too cute) I like scrapbooking and such cutie little things make me happy) And the book is great too)) I think I should buy it too and sent to my best friend. We loved to cook together when were in school, so she'll appreciate it.
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  14. Brunswick Bound is a particularly thoughtful bookshop. Not overly small and not large like the chain stores, it caters to a variety of broad and specialty interests.
    There's a great range of locally designed cards, stationary and the odd bit of craft that make for great presents.
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