Found Objects: Pretty Toothpick Boxes | January 24, 2011

Retro or pseudo-retro? I'm not entirely sure of the exact origin of these little cuties (that once belonged to my husband's Oma). All I know is that, with their kitschy colours and bold designs, they're supremely groovy. Right on.

{ photos by Amy Moss }

posted under: Entertaining, Found Objects


  1. Super cute! I'm in love with bright pretties like this, especially in the middle of winter. So sweet you saved them!
  2. I have been looking thru the past zillion pages of your blog and it is truly amazing. So simple and lovely.
    Gosh this blog just makes me so happy.
  3. Those are so cute! I can never find my tooth picks when i need them to test a cake, but i bet a bright container would fix that
  4. These are the cutest toothpicks I have ever seen. Great find!
  5. lana | Jan 25, 2011
    what sweet little beauties...a lovely collection !!
  6. Those are so cute. I love the one with the fruit on it. They're very tropical-y.
  7. OMG too cute and super delish! What a find or should I say what a save!
  8. Love your blog. These are so sweet!!
  9. First time commenter, just found your blog a few weeks ago and love it, so inspiring! Thanks

    Never thought toothpicks could be so cute ;) Love it!
  10. So cheery on a snowy day!
  11. Lynda | Jan 27, 2011
    I recognize them! Mum would be delighted! Lovely how something so small can look so cute - smashing photos.
  12. These remind me of Summer...I like them!
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