My "Let's Picnic" Invitations in Frankie Magazine! | November 18, 2011

You remember my "Let's Picnic" Invitation Tags right? Well, there was a small mention of them in the latest issue of Frankie magazine!!  They are a part of their 'pretty things for a picnic' collage on page 67. I loooove Frankie so I"m absolutely thrilled!! If you haven't already, you can download the tags for free right here.

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  1. Not surprising, they're gorgeous! :) I'm using them for my 30th birthday picnic next weekend.
    Thanks Amy!
  2. Congrats! They are SO cute!
  3. What a stylish invitation for picnic parties!
  4. Ebony W | Nov 18, 2011
    I always squeal like a little girl when I find some of my fave bloggers/artists/products, etc in frankie! <3 I think it was frankie that directed me to this site in the first place. I love those darling invitations too! Am thinking something like that would work for my engagement/wedding invitations. Keep sharing your awesomeness, please! :)
  5. Cute!!! Too bad we have to wait a couple months to go on picnics here in the States. :(
  6. Congratulations! They are perfectly darling!
  7. very exciting! congratulations. they are totally publication-worthy.
  8. that is sooooo cool! congrats and well done! I still have one of them on my desk here from when I printed them out. they are truly wonderful.
  9. Juliet H | Nov 19, 2011
    That's how I found out about your bolg! I saw them in the magazine and I had to find out more! I now LOVE your blog! Your stuff is great!!!
  10. They are super cute, nice work on getting into Frankie!
  11. oh eeeek! That's SO exciting! I loved them too they're so happy - the press is very much deserved!

    I'd love to work with you on a little craft project for Spoonful one day actually :)

    A shy happy but bashful spoonful editor ;)
  12. Congrats! Such charming invites for a fun occasion. :-)
  13. Cute tags - you could even use them when you pack your kid's lunch
  14. Oh, how exciting for you - I love Frankie magazine! Those tags are so sweet.
  15. In October I was given one issue of Frankie from a lovely women I met in Berlin (and who was originally from Australia) and I hold that very dearly in my bookcase! They really have a unique style and atmosphere which I love! Congratulations for the mention in Frankie!!!
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