Free Halloween "Bite Me" Candy Bag Toppers | October 23, 2013

So, it's occurred to me that I've never actually designed a Halloween freebie before. I guess it's because we rarely celebrate this holiday down here in Australia... When we moved from our inner-city apartment to our house in the 'burbs, a couple of years ago, we expected a sudden surge in trick-or-treaters knocking at our door but there have been absolutely ZILCH the entire time we've lived here! :(

Having said that, I think it's a pretty awesome holiday so this year I've designed (kinda last minute, I know) these candy bag toppers. I've abandoned the traditional orange and black with this project. Yep, it's pink and red again (I know, I know. Promise to give up on this colour scheme soon. I think). Warning: Lots of Happy Lab candy was devoured in the making of this project! :)

  • Colour Printer
  • Adobe Reader (free download)
  • Thick, glossy photo paper
  • X-acto Knife 
  • Ruler 
  • Cutting Board 
  • Small, clear plastic bags (mine are approx. 10cm wide) 
  • Stapler
  • Red Candy

Firstly, fill some small, clear plastic bags with an assortment of bright red candy. Happy Lab have an awesome selection. I adore Happy Lab because their candy is colour-coded which makes it great for party styling! I've used Happy Lab's Strawberry SweetsSour Cherry Happy BeansBerry DeliciousSour Strawberry Storm and, my personal favourite- Strawberry Smoothie, in these pics (By the way, there is free shipping for all orders over $50 in Australia!).

Download the PDF at the bottom of this post. Open in Adobe Reader then print out onto thick, glossy photo card. On a cutting board, using an x-acto knife and ruler, cut out the topper designs. Fold in half over a candy-filled bag, center and then trim the sides of the card (with your x-acto) so that they are the same width as your bag. Staple on both sides.

If you have any issues downloading, try right clicking (Control and Click on the mac) on the download button and saving directly to your computer.

NOTE: Do not use Mac Preview to view or print this file as the colours may come out completely wrong. Save the file to your computer (Press Control and Click on the download button and "Save Linked File as") and open with Adobe Reader instead. If you do not have this program, you can download it for free from here

I have used a Canon Pixma MG6150 Colour Inkjet Printer in conjunction with 'Canon 275gsm Photo Paper Plus Glossy II'.  This photo paper is awesome- it's thick, strong and super glossy! It also doesn't have a watermark on the back so it's great for gift tags and notecards. 

Always make sure, in the printer 'setup' that you set your printer quality settings to "High".

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All photos and artwork are © Amy Moss for Eat Drink Chic. Artwork in the downloadable PDF is free strictly for personal use, not for commercial use. Sharing these photos on Pinterest is welcome as long as you credit and link back to If you'd like to blog about this post, a) I will love you forever and b) feel free to use a couple of photos provided that you link back to the full post on this page. Please do not distribute my downloadable artwork from your site and, as a courtesy, please do not link directly to the PDF download on my site- Instead, please link back to this page. 

Thanks so much for reading this boring footer stuff! :)

{ all images by Amy Moss }

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  1. These are super cute!!!
  2. They are amazing! You're so freakin talented - love it.
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  4. Super cute!! Thanks for sharing with us. :)
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  5. very fun! thanks :) xo jillian - <a href="">cornflake dreams</a>
  6. I just stumbled over your blog and fell in love with everything on here. I love the aesthetics and creativity and I basically want to move in here.
    Just thought I would tell you that...:)

  7. Love these! You always have the best printables. Cheers!
  8. I love these! I'm not a fan of the black/orange combo, so these are perfect!
  9. I LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to print them for our Halloween party!
  10. So creative! Just discovered your blog and love your style.
  11. Chloe Gong | Oct 29, 2013
    If I was an owner of the Happy Lab, I would use your piece as an ad of the store. You don't need to be sorry for the pink and red again because it looks definitely fresh and cute!
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