FREE Happy Summer Printables on 'Oh Happy Day' | June 27, 2013

Absolutely thrilled to have a project up on Oh Happy Day today!! Free summer-themed printables to create gift tags, embellish giftwrap, create garlands... whatever your heart desires.

I've long been a fan of Jordan and her gorgeous blog Oh Happy Day so it really was an honour to create this project for her.

Go take a peek and grab your freebies now!

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  1. so cute! congrats
  2. These are so stinking cute I had to come by and tell you so. Seriously so fun!
  3. Dawn | Jun 27, 2013
    So cute! Thank you so much for sharing x
  4. fantastic, this is exactly what i was looking for the last few days. thank you amy! bless your many talents.
  5. This is one of my favourite freebie printables ever. Yay for watermelons and ice cream cones!
  6. I'm so glad I found your blog from Pinterest! LOVE IT!!!!

    So adorable! =)
  7. Thank you Amy! These printables are truly lovely..
    Already commented on the Oh Happy Day page but had to let you know 'directly' as well!
    I LOVE them!!!!
    Greets, Janina
  8. Great work! I can't wait to use these. Thanks so much!
  9. Amy, just gorgeous!!! Can't wait to use them for all my summer gifting!!!

    Thank you so much for putting your beautiful creations at our disposal...

  10. I really love your site. It's even on my left sidebar. Btw, can you share some tips on taking photos. You got incredible skills in taking pictures. Please share!!!!! :)
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    adorable blog..
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  14. fantastic, this is exactly what i was looking for the last few days. thank you amy..!!
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