Free 'Love and Ice-cream' Gift Tag Set Printables | August 07, 2009

Free Love and Ice-cream Gift Tag Set

A set of 4 Ice-cream inspired gift tags - not for the lactose intolerant.  Hope you like!


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  1. Aww, these are so sweet! Love and ice cream...what a great wish! I'll be linking.
  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  3. These are so cute!!! Thanks:-)
  4. saw these on papercrave. do you mind if we feature them on our blog? giving mucho credit, of course!
  5. these are fabulous! (i'll just pretend they're soy, okay?)
  6. I think it's awesome when people feature my stuff on their blog- so please go ahead! It's probably understood anyway but I should mention that I would appreciate it if the link goes to the page on my site and not directly to the download. B.t.w, I'm lactose intolerant too which might explain my slight obsession with ice-cream! Thanks, all, for the lovely comments! :)
  7. theses are so cute! happy I found you via love obsess inspire...
  8. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
  9. super cute thanks for sharing!
  10. I love this adorable set - I used it for my husband's birthday yesterday, and blogged about it this morning. Thanks!
  11. Lisa- Thanks for the sneak peak of my gift tags in use. Lovely!
  12. these are just so cute that I just had to print them up. thanks so much for sharing them.
  13. These are lovely! And so is your whole blog! Thanks for all of the great ideas - I linked to you to help spread the inspiration! :)
  14. I've seen these on numerous blogs...they are so fabulous, and I just made the connection that you designed these (as well as the ice cream parlous that I just cannot get over!!)
  15. Hi Amy!

    Great Stuff! Hope you don't mind we linked to you:

    If it is a problem, let me know and I will remove immediately!

    Thanks much! Beautiful work!
  16. These are so lovely!!
  17. Thanks for the beautiful gift tags. I've linked to them from my blog,
  18. Love these! Such a great idea!
  19. these are soooo cute. I'm gonna sand one as a thank you card right now!
  20. super! they are so cute! I also linked to you, hope you're ok with that?
  21. Kristie B | Jul 23, 2010
    I am going to use these for my green & turquoise wedding reception where we are going to serve ice cream!
  22. Thank you so much - I loved telling my readers about this set! Really appreciate your generosity.
  23. Hayley | Jan 24, 2011
    These are so gorgeous Amy! I LOVE them! And I love your whole entire blog! I am offially addicted. Thanks for all the inspiration. x
  24. Just wanted to say thanks for the great free printable. I featured it on TheRedPolkaDot. Have a great day!!!
  25. amanda | Jun 5, 2011
    these tags are perfect for a wedding shower gift of ice cream sundae kit. thank ou so much!!
  26. These are wonderful! Thank you so so much!
  27. Hi and thank you for all the wonderful freebies ! I am planning an ice cream birthday party and I have found loads of cute printables here ! (how cute is the popsicle memory ?)
    Could I just ask what font you used to write Love on the last tag (Lots of LOVE and ice cream) ? Thank you so much
  28. libbywilko | Jul 30, 2012
    So sweet :D Thank you.
  29. I love reading your website! Always an inspiration! I love your freebies! I always use them to make gifts and personal crafts! I am planning a X'mas party at a nice ice cream cafe and i've used this freebie with a twist! Thank you for sharing!
  30. dafde
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