Fun & Bright | September 21, 2010

1. Pretty watercolor and ink illustrations by Samantha Hahn { via design is mine }

2. Framed! note card and envelope from French Navy

3. Unikko bedlinen from Marimekko

4. Marquee lights from Urban Outfitters

5. Gorgeous work from set designer Shona Heath

6. Cute plush toys by My name is Simone available at Smallable

7. Richard Ginori Soup Plate { via oh joy eats }

8. Breeze-blown Bouquet curtains from Anthropologie

posted under: Home Décor, Illustration, Kids, Moody Hues, Photography, Stationery, Tableware


  1. I love this collage!
  2. what great color inspiration! love your blog!
  3. Love the bright colours! So cheery!
  4. so fun! that doll is the best.
  5. stunning as always!
  6. I love bold + bright colors. This is such a pretty collage!
  7. Love these colors! Your blog is lovely.
  8. love the Mrs. Godfrey chair and the plates. The plates give me a feeling of "those are really cool, but you can't use them because they have holes in the. But you can't use them because they are really cool."
    Thanks for the post
  9. so Great job good lovely design you are no1 in the field
  10. perfect post looking for last 2 year but found today
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