Glacier Ball | September 11, 2013

Isn't this awesome? A silicone mould that creates a 2.5" slow-melting ice ball. So elegant! You can also create them in different colours to accompany your various drinks. Comes in a pack of 2. Grab it here!

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  1. I need this for my cocktail bar. I love it! Thanks for sharing.
    Lauren M.
  2. Oh! Reminds me of a bar in New York that has 3 types of ice - yes, three types of ice. I can't remember the name, but supposedly each type of ice gives the drink a different effect of some sort. Now I can have fancy ice too! =) thanks for sharing!
  3. Whoa! Beyond cool!
  4. libbywilko | Sep 17, 2013
    Pinned it , great for Christmas presents!
  5. Whiskey Ball makes one too. Check them out Their product seems to have features that others don't. They have a smaller water inlet so it does not create an embarassing nipple on your ice ball. It also has a tighter seal so water does not leak through the seams. 23.95 with free shipping!
  6. Oh wow. Every single gin & tonic ever, needs this in it's life.

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  7. rossiduval | Apr 17, 2016
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