Happy Heart Day! | February 14, 2013

Hope you're all having a lovely day :)

Just felt like showing off my fabulous hand-carving efforts with this heart-shaped stamp I made recently... Took a few attempts to get it right but I got there eventually!

Also, in light of Valentine's day, I thought I'd share with you what I'm loving at the moment:

  • First and foremost- my beautiful family :)
  • Super-cute Japanese stationery. Can't get enough of it.
  • Audrey Jeanne- so talented!
  • Pink. The colour, not the recording artist.
  • My new iPad! (a birthday pressie from hubby)
  • iPhone/iPad wallpaper from here and here.
  • Yellow.
  • Pretty + colourful tech accessories- got a real thing for them at the moment.
  • This cute-as-pie craft book from Hello Sandwich!
  • Children's toys, books and clothes. Basically, I'm a big kid.
  • My workspace and all my creative and colourful clutter- it's amazing how an inspiring environment can boost your creativity!
  • This gorgeous summer weather...
Happy Heart Day, peeps! 

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  1. Adorable! Is the " notepaper" also a stamp or a notepad? I love it!
  2. Camile | Feb 14, 2013
    Love the photo and love the links, thanks a lot for sharing!!!
  3. Love the pencil! Where did you get it??
  4. Hi Lisa- The notepad is from Rifle Paper Co. I love it- use it for all my quick notes.

    Ashley- The pencil is actually a pen! I picked it up locally from Zetta Florence. They come in a bunch of different colours. The whole range is unfortunately not show on the website.
  5. love the notebook paper pad. so cute!

    hope you had a great valentine's day :)
  6. I love that you made your OWN stamp. And it printed perfectly! Thanks for sharing your favorites... I am looking at Audrey's site right now. Her siamese kitty photos sold me.
  7. Chloe Gong | Feb 15, 2013
    HEY! Because of U, I'm fallin' in love with all these designer's blog! But still, your's the most ideal one!
  8. Fantastic stamp work!!! Impressed that you carved it yourself.
  9. Oh and ditto what Samantha said!!! ;)
  10. Beautiful photos. I need that stationery in my life!
  11. I've just featured your blog in my recent post My Favourite Blogs @ The Science of Happy.


    Always a pleasure reading!

    - TSOH
  12. Oh, thank you very much :-)
    I'm so happy, especially as your blog is so beautiful !
  13. i love this note pad it just looks so cute i think i just mytt get ittt check my blog out follow if you like what you se :)

  14. Hi Audrey- Thanks, I'm so thrilled you stopped by! :)
  15. Hi there! This stamp is so cute and your picture is crazy pretty!

    I saw this cute pad at Chapters, I want it badly, it is so cute!

    Olive xox
  16. I Love this photo and thanks a lot for sharing these links!!!
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