Happy Lab | December 19, 2011

I spotted Happy Lab recently at Chadstone Shopping Center and was immediately enticed by the cute packaging and creative store design. Beakers and test tubes filled with colourful candy and chocolate line the walls whilst staff parade around in lab coats. If the sugar doesn't make you happy, the colours surely will. Don't you just love great packaging?

{ photos from Happy Lab and Westfield websites }

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  1. Penny | Dec 19, 2011
    Hey- love the blog! I heard that Happy Lab was set up by people that started Smiggle. The attention to detail is incredible- from the names of product, to the merchandising and packaging and even the black lab goggles worn by staff it is all amazing!
    Fantastic Aussie Business Initiative, and let's hope it continues in successful path like Smiggle.
  2. Absolutely love it! The store must be amazing! Happy Holidays!
  3. So lovely ! In France we have a great chocolate maker that works a lot on the design of his products. He makes things that are as beautiful as the are delicious : http://www.fabrice-gillotte.com/ I'm so glad more and more craftsmen work on both aspects.
    Have a nice day :)
  4. wow!!! they're so great!!!
    absolutely amazing...
  5. This is sweeeet!
  6. Cynthia | Dec 20, 2011
    Totally! Great packaging makes all the difference! :)
  7. Eye candy! :P
  8. These would even be a fun DIY party favor!
  9. I just saw Happy Lab at Chaddy last week as well - so intriguing! I'd love to know what the chocolates and lollies actually taste like...might have to make another visit sometime soon!
  10. Emma C | Dec 21, 2011
    These are awesome! If only it was in the UK all my last minute xmas shopping would be sorted!
  11. I can't believe those are chocolates...I was sure that was a cosmetic palette!
  12. Tammy T | Dec 23, 2011
    For me it's all about the packaging....and beakers? A big yes! I would go crazy in this place! Love your blog..found it thru Holly Mathis and will be a regular from here on it!

    tammy t
  13. We don't have a happy lab in Canberra which makes me sad so I can't wait until they open the online store.
  14. when i first discovered this shop at westfield sydney i just jumped up and down overjoyed! happy lab does make you happy!
  15. Nice design
  16. Amy as Well | Jan 9, 2012
    Great blog, I've just discovered it!

    I came across Happy Lab today whilst in Bondi Junction - amazing! My fiance and I are big science nerds, and we're thinking of setting up a sweets bar at our wedding reception - Happy Lab products will be be perfect as they reflect our love of science with all the cute chemistry bottles :).
    I also spoke with a girl in the store and she confirmed that it WAS started by the man behind Smiggle, and she informed me that he collaborated with a chocolatier whose family has been making chocolate for over 100 years! It's a belgian-style choccie and they use cocoa butter instead of oil - better quality and slightly better for you than the oil. I bought a test tube of m&m style chocolates and they are surprisingly delicious! Usually I've found that sweets that are in quirky packaging tend to be poor-quality and taste average, but these tasted great. The cranberry and apple jelly beans are yummy too!
  17. perfect!
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