Bits of Happy... | April 06, 2012

So, apart from the cheerful stripes in candy hues, why is this my new favourite mug?

Oh yes, I remember now...

Happy Easter/Passover weekend everybody! xo

{ photos by Amy Moss }

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  1. Wishing you a very Happy Easter!
  2. Happy Easter weekend to you, too! :)
  3. happy holidays dear!
    (im celebrating passover :)
  4. Happy Easter weekend!
  5. Gorgeous mug and eggs although I suspect they should be at the top of the mug!!!!! Happy Easter
  6. That mug is so cute that I am literally trawling the net right now to try and find one for me! Even better that it was full of chocolate. Happy Easter!
  7. Just gorgeous! Who wouldn't love a cup of eggs? :)
    Ronnie xo
  8. Mary Ann | Apr 7, 2012
    OK, you must tell us where you bought that fun striped cup. Gotta have one. And I will keep it filled with chocolate!
  9. Happy Easter! Love your favorite mug!
  10. Hi Mary Ann- I actually bought the mug locally in Melbourne at 'Bed Bath n' Table: The Works' in Hawthorn. It's by 'Morgan and Finch' which, I believe, is their own brand. I don't know if it can be purchased online as I can't seem to find a website for either 'Bed Bath n' Table' or 'Morgan and Finch', which is a pity because they have some beautiful things!
  11. This mug is adorable! Happy Easter.
  12. I love that cup! So cute :)
  13. I drink tea at least a couple of times a day and am always looking for fun new teacups. This is perfect!
  14. How this mug. :)
  15. Aah, I adore that mug! Too bad it doesn't seem to be available online (but thanks for mentioning that in the comments, or I'd have likely spent ages trying to find it!). Guess my own striped mug will have to suffice.
  16. Woah! That'd be my favourite mug too if I had one! Where did you find it? :)
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