Bits of Happy... | July 19, 2013

Get your craft on and have a happy weekend everybody! :)

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  1. You always find the sweetest, most colorful little bits and baubles--I love it!
  2. Ooh where did you get those beauuuuutiful Eiffel Tower scissors? Want!
  3. Hi Tilly- Wow, everyone seems to be asking me about those scissors! :) They're from Typo. You can find them here:

    EDIT: Oops- i just double checked the link and they seem to have disappeared. Perhaps they're sold out. Sorry! :(
  4. What about the tassels? did you make them? so cute!
  5. such a fun little collection.
  6. what a lovely, inspiring, and cheerful image to start the weekend with ^_^
  7. Those scissors are adorable!! I've not been on your site since the revamp and I've got to say... I love it! The postcard, the bows.. all so cute. I hope you have a happy weekend, as well!
  8. I will try at next weekend, thanks for sharing
  9. I think I can try it
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