Bits of Happy... | March 27, 2013

Happiness comes from... discovering a new candy store in Prahran called The Red Balloon... the cute pie chart LoveHate brooch I picked up from Lulu in Balaclava... decorating mini wooden spoons with coloured paint and patterned tape... playing with my new Motex to create neon labels... my ever-expanding collection of cute hairclips... and our beloved mutt Sukie.

Also, doesn't this Gorman print make you smile?

posted under: Bits of Happy


  1. lovely little things :)
  2. This is so cute, so sweet...Love. ;-)
  3. love this!
  4. Adorable collection... love it all.

  5. First thing I saw was the lolly pop & glitter star. Cute! I love how you photographed everything together like this.
  6. all these colors shout HAPPY :)
  7. Your dog is very handsome :)
  8. Splendid collection! I love the little wooden spoons!
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