Bits of Happy... | September 27, 2013

I am excitedly developing maybe 3 or 4 party-related projects for this blog concurrently. If my head was to explode (from sheer creative overload), there would be a glorious mountain of confetti, glitter and noisemakers in the middle of our home. Hmmm.. that actually sounds like fun.

Meanwhile, the anticipation of Christmas, and all the dazzling creative possibilities that it carries, slowly insinuates itself into my overly-wired mind, leaving an even greater trail of confusion and anxiety in its wake. 

Every so often, this happens. (Um... once a month). My impatience to see all my ideas come into fruition immediately, leaves me overwhelmed and, subsequently, paralysed.

I am then reminded- take things one step at a time. As much as you would love to rush headlong into every project and have everything done and dusted in one fell swoop, this is simply not possible. Take a break from looking at the big picture. Focus solely on the task at hand. It may be just a tiny, simple detail but it's a crucial one and it needs to be completed before you can move onto the next.

Sound advice. Wish I didn't keep forgetting it.

Much like the multitude of projects currently making noise in my head, I have recently been amassing a vast collection of props and craft materials. Currently homeless, they create one giant, albeit colourful, mess across my work/dining tabletop. I did, however, have the bright idea of storing my sequin collection in Happy Lab test tubes. Well, that's something at least. One step at a time...

Have a happy weekend folks! :)

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  1. Ha, I feel you here! Also, I feel like I'm full of good advice as well... but forget to follow my own advice :) Beautiful photos!
  2. Wow the timing of this post is uncanny. I am always awash with ideas I feel compelled to progress immediately. However, I'm slowly learning this doesn't work. Last year I bought some gorgeous little red riding hood wooden keyrings in Byron bay. For a change I decided to sit on them until I had the perfect idea. Low and behold, a year later, I came up with this and it's been super popular. Why, then, I've spent this week, after knee surgery, trying to rush other mushed ideas is a mystery!
  3. Great advice! I often forget to slow down and focus on the task at hand. Gorgeous pics, by the way!
  4. Gorgeous photos, I absolutely LOVE these test tubes of sequins. The colours are absolute perfection..!

    I'm in a somewhat similar situation re: jumping into too many creative projects. I currently have home-made concrete planters waiting to be painted, business cards to be spray painted, coiled rope coasters & vases to make, as well as 2 large abstract paintings to complete... Hence me feeling completely overwhelmed, resulting in total & utter creative paralysis! On the bright side though , I suppose it's better to have too many ideas that not enough..?!

    P.S. I can't wait to see these party-related posts in the coming weeks. Perfect timing now that summer is just around the corner!


  5. Such good advice, and something I forget regularly as well. And I am loving the visual impact of those sequins in test tubes.
  6. Thanks for your sharing!
  7. leanne | Sep 29, 2013
    hmm, sounds like a perfect reason to eat lots of happy lab goodies in order to reuse those test tubes!! ;)
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