Heath Ceramics LA | April 30, 2010

Should I ever visit L.A again, I must take a peek at Heath Ceramics. Beautiful homeware in a gorgeous space designed by Commune.

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  1. It's like you are stepping into someone's beautiful kitchen! What a great space.
  2. lily | May 1, 2010
    just in case you do make it back out to LA, thought you should know that it's actually heath–not health–ceramics. :)
  3. oops. yes, heath not health. :)
  4. Yes, Heath Ceramics is a lovely place. Too bad it's waaaay more money than I'm willing to spend on stuff like that. :(
  5. Wow, looks incredible. I love beautiful shop interiors like this. It looks so warm and homely. I hope you make it there soon!

  6. What a beautiful space! Gorgeous light.
  7. it is my favorite store! All the ladies that work there are AWESOME!! Please let me know if you come to town. Sarah x
  8. Hello! i just discovered your blog through a recommendation of a Spanish blogger and I find it sooooo charming and lovely! I will follow you, and visit you often. You give me smiles and inspiration, have a nice wekeend.
    Kisses from Barcelona.
  9. an extensive collection of items of pottery. everything is orderly.
  10. very beautiful .....by slamet
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