Hello "Face" | February 28, 2012

I have recently added to our list of nicknames for Sukie.

Meet "Face".

I will be stretched out on the couch, wholly immersed in whatever time-wasting frivolity happens to be gracing our television when suddenly, there it is in front of me... "Face"; looming over me with wide, inquisitive eyes.
Watcha doing?
Where are my pats?

Or I'll be working intently on my computer contemplating world domination through printable jam labels or some such. I turn around and there it is looking up at me... "Face".
Hey, remember me?
I have four legs... I drink water out of a bowl...
Give me pats!

9pm. Lo and Behold... "Face".
A large head. An unrelenting stare. A tail wag.
Where's my supper?

When I see "Face" I turn to mush. I must immediately grab it with both hands and move in for a mutually relished head snuggle.

What do you know? Here it is again right now...

Hello 'Face'. What can I do for you today?

{ photos by Amy Moss }

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  1. I love this Amy!! I have a 'Face' of my own at home. They are just too stinkin cute to resist.

    Makes me so happy to think think little face was rescued by your family xx
  2. good grief, so darned cute!
  3. I don't want a dog because I can't handle the responsibility. I don't hate them, I just prefer cats. I get my space, they get theirs, we share love when it's time. My cat is also kind of protective, too... so like a thief would come and she'd tear him up. She's a fierce 8 pounds, let me tell you.
  4. What a sweetie..!

    I'm quite possibly the biggest dog lover you could meet. I've got 2 dogs - a pug & a lab/heeler cross & I just could not be without them. They're my 2 boys, I love them both to death. They've got such different personalities & quirky little traits its impossible not to love them..!



  5. Clare | Feb 28, 2012
    Ha! One of our dogs gets called "Pants" - short for Mr HandsomePants. But it got some weird looks from dog park regulars when I started calling for the dog they know as Buddy by yelling "Pants! Pants! Come here!"

    The other poor dog gets called ChickenButt. I have no idea why.
  6. sarah | Feb 28, 2012
    awww gorgeous dog! dogs are the best, how could you say no to that face!

    here's my puppy:
  7. World domination through printable jam labels is the best kind of world domination in my opinion. I've only ever owned cats, but I have lots of respect for dogs - especially if they're constantly sporting a face as cute as that. My cat tends to have a "you're still here? Whatever, I'm going back to sleep" face. Yet she's convinced me I love her anyway. She's very persuasive.

    This post put me in a good mood this morning. Thank you!
  8. Ha - that's the best nickname and those are some really good snaps!
  9. Oh my gosh, this was the best blog post i have read in a while. Made me laugh, and go 'n'awwh'.
    What a gorgeous dog!

  10. I lurve face, how can you resist those eyes!
  11. so cute! I need to post more about my dogs.
  12. YES! What a beautiful puppy! I know exactly what you mean and how you feel. In fact, that's often how I refer to my handsome puppy: "Hello, Face!" Which is generally understood to be short for "Most Handsome Faced Puppy Who Ever Was!"
  13. She is soooo cute! Reminds me of one of my dogs. She doesn't make an audible fuss when she wants attention. She just comes over, plops her head on my lap and stares.
  14. Oh yes. I am very familiar with "the face" I have two little girls (one chi-mix and one fluffy white dog that could be anything, both rescues) who greet me with that face every day I get home from work, every morning when I wake up and any time they feel they dont have my full attention.
    <3 Kate
  15. Awww, this is the BEST! My Lucy is the same way. She can stare and communicate volumes with me -- and I love it. I have so many nicknames for her and many of them aren't cute but along the same line as Face. So fun :) Thanks for sharing!
  16. oh she is so adorable!
  17. Nice post Thanks a lot for sharing
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