Holiday Freebie: Typographic Gift Tags | December 02, 2010

Hope you enjoy this set of holiday gift tags I've whipped up for you. I had fun experimenting with some fancy hand-lettering!

The above file is 4mb. If you're having trouble downloading try right-clicking on the download button and saving the file directly to your computer.

I've printed these out onto kraft card but feel free to play around with different coloured stock!



CONDITIONS OF USE:  The downloadable pdfs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. They are not for commercial use. If you wish to incorporate any of my designs in your own personal projects, please attribute it to me by linking to my site. Please do not distribute any of my downloadable files. If you wish to blog about this article, please feel free to use my photos as long as they are accompanied with a credit and link back to my site and/or this article. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page.  Thanks for reading this boring footer stuff! :)

{ all images by Amy Moss }

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  1. Oh these are just fabulous! Can't wait to download and attach them to some special gifts ;-) Thanks so very much!

  2. brilliant! the perfect finishing touch for my christmas presents :)
  3. Thank you, doll!

    I will def be using these :) So cute!
  4. Too cute! Thank you!
  5. These are beautiful. I think I need more presents to give people to use all the beautiful gift tags (like these) available in blogland!
  6. Yay, these are great…

    thanks from noodle in south africa x
  7. ........i love them! Thank you!
  8. I LOVE this blog... u just never fail to make my heart swoon a little.. sometimes a lot!
  9. they're very cute!! thanks for being generous!
  10. corinne | Dec 2, 2010
    thank you, merci !! just printed and will add some light color and will join this to some of my homemade gift !
  11. Lauren C | Dec 3, 2010
    These are so adorable! I can't wait to print them out!
  12. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these! I am so using these for all my christmas presents this year! I wrote a post about your tags on my blog, btw!
  13. These are lovely! Thanks so much! I'll be using them for some of my Christmas gifting!
  14. Adorable! Thanks for sharing these with us, I'm so excited to use them!!
  15. How lovely! I love the "Noel" tag!
  16. toooooooo cuuute!! Thanks!!!
  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you! These are so pretty and will be hung as decoration this year!
  18. Thank you so much, this came just in time! I was planning on making xmas cards tonight <3
  19. These are absolutely lovely...thank you for sharing these!
  20. Thank you so much - these are just the perfect amount of gorgeous, classic and cute!
  21. Oo! Nice! Thankyou for these! I have a couple of bit of leftover kraft paper from another project, and metres of fairisle knit print christmas wrap that these tags will be perfect for!
  22. Brooke Walker | Dec 3, 2010
    I have a lump in my throat... i'm about to burst into tears with excitement! I've just discovered your blog and i'm blown away! Thank you soooo much for being such a generous genius! Eat drink Chic will now become part of my daily routine! Love B x
  23. Oh lovely! I love the typo on all of them. And one is in french yaaay! Since my family don't speak english, that's pretty sweet.
  24. Loving these! I hope you do not mind if I share these adorable gift tags on my blog!

    Happy Holidays!

    Lexi :)
  25. andreia | Dec 5, 2010
    oh my, these are lovely! thank you so much for these!
  26. these are awesome! thank you <3 the tags would be a perfect accompaniment to my "secret gnome" giftee.
  27. So happy I stumbled across your blog! I'm so enamored with everything you post- I wish I could carry all of it in my shop in Texas!
  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE these. Thankyou so much!
  29. claire | Dec 6, 2010
    Thankyou so much, Amy! You are so kind sharing these with us :-) I love your blog and all your lovely crafts; what a talented gal you are. Sending lots of love and thanks from snowy London.
    Claire xxxx
  30. These are so adorable! Thanks! I am excited to share these!
  31. Really love these! Thanks for creating and sharing them with us! ~Heidi
  32. Absolutely love these. Thank you!
  33. I love these, thank you!
  34. Thank you! I was just about to buy some kraft tags as well - this will come in very handy!
  35. I love this! Thank you so much!
  36. These are too sweet for words. The perfect finishing touch for my holiday gifts for loved ones.. Thank YOU!

  37. Thank you so much for sharing these! Very thoughtful :) can't wait to wrap presents with them
  38. Thank you so very much, Amy - I am such a fan of your work, and love what you do! I can't wait to use these. :)

    PS I reposted this on my is the link:

    xo Kirsten
  39. Iyang | Dec 9, 2010
    LOVE!!! thanks for sharing :)
    Hope your holidays are filled with love & whimsy too!!
  40. Vanessa | Dec 10, 2010
    Thank you so much Amy for these lovely gift tags ! I can't wait to attach them to my little treats !
  41. Delicious! Thank you!
  42. these are beautiful! thanks for sharing!
  43. Meg T | Dec 10, 2010
    Thanks so much for these!! How fun!
  44. Simply gorgeous! They're exactly what I've been looking for...thanks so much for sharing :)
  45. These are so nice. Thanks for sharing.
  46. these are all very pretty !!!
    a big thank you to you for sharing x
  47. I absolutely love these. They are exactly what I needed to add a little something special to my gifts. I am also going to spread the love by posting about your article because i am sure my girls will absolutely love them and your blog as well.

    Thank you Amy :)
  48. These are so adorable. Thank you for providing them! I'm going to mention this on my blog as well as the set you created last year.
  49. wow! this is incredibly nice of you! I'm putting these on all my gifts this year.
  50. thank you!
    cute cute cute
    I 'll print theses gift tags!
  51. amy you are such a talent! i am linking to these beauties on friday... will come back and leave you a link.
  52. What sort of paper would you reccomend printing onto? Lovely thank you x
  53. lindsay | Dec 15, 2010
    thanks for the labels! love them. =)
  54. Thank you so much! These are fabulous!
  55. These are quite nifty! I love them, thanks for the post!

    Peace, Love & Puppies
  56. Vanessa R | Dec 15, 2010
    Love these. Can't wait to put on some special presents
  57. Judith | Dec 16, 2010
    These are so cute. Thank you for sharing.
  58. These are great. thanks so much for sharing them!
  59. These are stunning! Thanks so much for sharing them!
  60. Thanks so much for offering these for free! I'm making an invitation for a small family party with them! Your work is gorgeous!
  61. These are adorable!! any tips on how to print them on a tag? Or should i print on thick paper and then cut it?
  62. These gift tags are lovely, I especially like the whimsy one! Thanks for sharing!
  63. carla | Dec 18, 2010
    just the way I love and admire: simple and elegant. Thank you!!
  64. Tammy | Dec 19, 2010
    oh my gosh! these are soooo amazing, absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for sharing them!!!
  65. Karen | Dec 19, 2010
    Too cute!
    Thanks a bunch.
  66. Eileen | Dec 19, 2010
    I can't download?
  67. Diane | Dec 19, 2010
    Gorgeous, elegant and beautiful. Really adds that finishing touch to gifts.
    Thanks you so much.
  68. Karla | Dec 20, 2010
    These are too adorable!!!! Thank you so much for posting!
  69. These are so cute!! Thank you so much for sharing these downloads!
  70. these are just so lovely. thank you for sharing them. merry Christmas!
  71. carol ann | Dec 20, 2010
    thank you for these, I will enjoy putting them on gifts for years to come....
  72. christina a | Dec 20, 2010
    Thank you so much! These are beautiful!
  73. Emeline | Dec 21, 2010
    Bravo, c'est magnifique, tout comme votre blog!

    Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces belles choses!

    Je vous souhaite de très belles fêtes de Noel
  74. Thank you SO much! These are just so beautiful! I'm going to use them on the goodie packages for the neighbors! Happy Holidays!
  75. Sincerely gorgeous! Thank you so much!!!!
  76. Hi, Amy, i speak about you on my blog :)

    Bonjour from France and merci!!!!
  77. Loved these tags! I blogged about them - hope that's okay!
  78. Your gift tags helped inspire my wrapping this year! Thanks so much for such a gorgeous download, I am thrilled. :)
  79. Thank you for these lovely downloads and a lovely new site for me as well. I can't wait to browse through your past posts. Merry Christmas!
  80. oh i really love these!! Oh so soulful& stylish!


  81. Thank you so much for the lovely tags!
  82. super adorable! thanks!
  83. they are beautiful!
  84. These are adorable--thank you for putting them together... Too cute!
  85. lyn | Jan 31, 2011
    Wonderful Sight
  86. kendell | Apr 4, 2011
    Hi Thanks ever so much for sharing these tags. They are awesome and appreciated.

    Kindest regards from Australia
  87. LOVE these! Thank you
  88. Kelley | Nov 26, 2011
    Thank you for these beautiful tags.
  89. Lynette Klopper | Nov 27, 2011
    What a great site!
  90. Maggie | Nov 27, 2011
    Once again I thank you for another delightful and delicate piece of Christmas magic fun! Perfect!
  91. Thank you for these lovely tags!!!
  92. Sway | Nov 28, 2011
    Oh my sparkly Christmas! Thank you! These are easily the most lovely ones i have seen this year! I can't wait to add them to the pressies!

    Wishing you an AWESOME sparkle season!
    Sway x
  93. Miriam | Nov 30, 2011
    Beautiful and whimsical
  94. Judy | Dec 3, 2011
    Thank you so much!
  95. Very gorgeous and I love the way you have presented your tags! In fact, would you have any objections if I used your first photo above (the Noel one) as the front of my Chrissy cards? I just love the way it looks and yellow is so fresh for Christmas... Just for my personal Christmas cards and I will put a link back to you if I happen to blog about them... ??
  96. Sophie | Dec 5, 2011
    I loved these so much that I've posted about them on my blog!
    Please check it out:
  97. Susan | Dec 6, 2011
    Thank you so much for these! You are a peach to share! I've just downloaded them on 12.05.11. Happy Holidays and thank you again!
  98. Fabulous!!!
  99. Joyful hellos, just blogged about your sweet packaging idea on my joyful pastel blog:

    Hope you like it! :) Thanks for being so inspirational. xx
  100. Amy,

    Thanks so much for sharing! I just posted a roundup of five holiday gift guides I've put together -- and these were the perfect bonus for capturing the spirit of the holidays. The post:

    Love your site, and your aesthetic!
  101. Thank you so much for these gorgeous printables! The "joyeux noel" was exactly what I have been looking for, you saved my Christmas! I've blogged about the tags I made here,
  102. So lovely !! As usual I could say! And this time there is a gift tag in french!
    Of course, if I use them, I'll post on my blog :
  103. I love these tags. They re so cute. I linked back here from my blog:
  104. Thank you so much for sharing these, they're lovely! I love your site!
  105. these are fantastic. thanks so much for sharing.
  106. Gorgeous! And I just happen to have lots of kraft paper to print them out on. Thank you!
  107. Megan | Dec 17, 2011
    Thank you so much -- exactly what I was looking for!!
  108. i saw these on pinterest and will be using them right away next week under the tree for my family. they are very very pretty ! thank you so much !
  109. ADORABLE! Thank you so much!!
  110. Thank you for these wonderful tags! I've been rounding up the best of the printable tags for my friends to find on my blog :)
  111. Lovely, just lovley made! They are stylish but still have this feeling of "I made them myself"! Thank you very much for the downloads.
  112. Thank you so much for posting these as freebies! I love them and I used them on the inside of some of my cards this year - you can see the results here: (I linked back to this post so other people could see where I got such awesomeness from!) Thank you again!
  113. Love these! I used them as gift tags for my homemade granola, which I wrote about on my blog at, and they came out super cute!
  114. Sarah | Dec 24, 2011
    Thank you for taking the time to make these and post! Beautiful work. Looking forward to decorating my Christmas presents with your tags tonight!
  115. Ethan Young | Dec 27, 2011
    Your mega-heart your style! Your printables are fantabulous! Plus, if that wasnt enough, your backgrounds on these tags are TO-DIE-FOR! Is it paper? Where on earth did you find them, I really must know!
    Thank you in advance for letting me in on your secret!
  116. Thank you for these oh so sweet tags. I have already finished the Christmas sprint this year, but am planning on making these on snow days this January so I will be ready for Christmas next year. Thank YOU!
  117. I love these tags so much but I also love the backgrounds you have photographed them on! Where did you find those papers?? Please tell!
  118. CANDY | Feb 3, 2012
    what font are you using? totally adore it ?
  119. mas | Apr 8, 2012
    thanks amy :)
  120. Mimi | Apr 14, 2012
    These tags are super cute - what a shame that I have discovered them so far from Christmas! Also love the background paper, where is it from?
  121. Lauren | Nov 22, 2012
    Hi! These are great! Would you mind sharing what fonts these are? I'd love to match them to my holiday cards... thanks!
  122. These are so awesome! Thanks so much. I shared them on my blog today:
  123. Alyssa | Nov 27, 2012
    Just came across these--beautiful! Thanks so much for making and sharing!!! :)
  124. Anna M | Nov 28, 2012
    So many lovely things! Thanks for sharing your work!
  125. thank you! youre awesome. i really appreciate you sharing your talent for the holidays. my friends will love this!
  126. Makayla | Dec 3, 2012
    Thank you for the tags. We are using them for our family advent calendar this year.
  127. Diana | Dec 6, 2012
    These are wonderful. I printed them on to tracing paper and will place them over a coloured paper backing. They look gorgeous.
  128. Catie | Dec 7, 2012
    Christmas is coming 'round again and these are just what I need! Beautiful! I am very curious to know which fonts you have used, though? Thanks. xx
  129. ddk | Dec 8, 2012
    Wonderful. Love these.
  130. rbud | Dec 9, 2012
    You are very gifted with a good heart to share such beautiful art. I will use these tags this year with all my gifts.
    Thank you
  131. Lindsay | Dec 12, 2012
    LOVE THESE! Thanks so much for the free printable! My gifts are going to look fantastic this year!! :)
  132. talie | Dec 20, 2012

    merci pour les belles étiquettes

    bonnes fêtes
  133. libbywilko | Feb 9, 2013
    Thanks ! Love them.
  134. Valery | Feb 27, 2013
    Hi Amy- just came across your personalized tags you created for the holidays, and I LOVE THEM! I am one of the managing partners for a women's boutique in Birmingham, AL and we've been looking to update our jewelry tags so that all of the jewelry that we sell has uniform packaging. Would you be interested in helping us come up with a vintage looking design (similar) to the look of these holiday cards? Please email me if you are interested and please also include your pricing for this kind of work. Many thanks!
  135. Love these so much! Thanks so much for posting. I've been looking for a good quality Kraft Stock everywhere, where did you get yours if you don't mind me asking.
  136. I absolutely love the simplicity of these! They are adorable; great job! This post was mentioned over at Three Loud Kids and I'm so happy I found your blog :o) I'm totally pinning this post to my freebies board!

    Hope you're having a great week and happy Friday!
  137. Carolyn | Dec 18, 2014
    These are just PERFECT, Amy! You made my Christmas gifts sparkle! Thank you!
  138. Starky | Dec 20, 2014
    Thanks für the wonderful christmaslabels, they arte just perfect!!!
    Merry Christmas
  139. Thank you :)
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