Holiday Oldies (but Goodies) | November 19, 2012

My husband and I are working very hard to get the new site design up and running soon. My sincerest apologies for the long delay!  I also have some brand new holiday freebies waiting patiently in the wings. (I'm reserving these for the new site!) but in the meantime if you want to get in to the holiday mood, check out some of my projects from previous years:

Free Holiday Knit Tags

Free Typographic Gift Tags

Free Holiday Mail Stripes Gift Tag

Free Paper Reindeer Postcard and Tag

Free 'Peace, Love and Reindeer Hugs' gift tags

Free Jumbo Gift Tags

Free Holiday Treat Bag

See more holiday goodness in the Holiday Archives...

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  1. Always loved that little reindeer :)
  2. Hi Amy I can't wait to see the new site and the freebies. Exciting!!!!
  3. All these projects are fantastic, my favourite though is the red reindeer, a really cute Christmas decoration!
  4. Bérengère | Nov 20, 2012
    thank you :)
  5. Wow, I can't wait to see your new layout, how exciting! I'm working on a new one at the moment, too.

    I hope you can check out the givewaway on my blog going on now. It's celebrating my 1,000th post!

    Maria Nichole
  6. Hello!! You have a very nice blog, congratulation!!! I invite you that you visit and blog and / or you it follow Regards and ... congratulations for your blog!!!
  7. Just love your gift tags, and the movable reindeer one is adorable. You are very talented and looking forward to the launch of your new website.
  8. Hello,
    I love your blog 'Eat Drink Chic'. Beautifully presented. Congratulations! I invite you to visit my new website for 'Bindle' and online gift service that blends sustainability with style as I feel we share a love of design and gifts.
  9. Those are awesome!

    Im going to make use of them!
  10. hello, i like your blog. It looks very good and your gifts are also nice
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  13. Great work I love to see Thanks Admin
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  17. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the free printables! They are so perfect for the holiday season.
  18. Hi Amy, just came across your website and enjoyed your work. Stopped here because of the reindeer.
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