il migliore | November 04, 2009

It was just before Christmas last year and my mother and I were in a car headed towards Armadale when we discovered a little shop packed to the brim with brightly coloured packages in a variety of beautiful and exotic patterns. We were intrigued!

The place was "Il Migliore". All their gourmet biscuits and sweet treats were boxed in the most delightful gift packaging. At the counter they had samples of some of their products including their chocolate dipped oranges and figs. (shown below). They were absolutely delicious!

If you're in Melbourne, you must check out their stores in Armadale and Hawthorn. Their beautiful packages will make the most perfect gifts for Christmas this year and their products are also great for entertaining. Check out more of their beautiful products and hamper packages on their website!

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  1. beautiful pictures! I could eat anything dipped in chocolate that was photographed by this person. hehe
  2. Wow. These are gorgeous!! I am drooling already. I've been reading your blog for quite a lot now, Amy, but this is my first comment :p I love all the pretty things and creative party themes and ideas you shared. My favorite is the Ice Cream party. I'm thinking of having my own for my birthday in Jan (it'll be summer here in Auckland). You're truly an inspiration to me. Thanks!
  3. Everything looks so delicious!
  4. Beautiful!!!
  5. These look fantastic! I think I could recreate some of these as Christmas gifts this year!
  6. I love this. So cute, and it's all provided me with the best packaging ideas for my Chrimbo gifts this year - a package Homemade Berry & Pistachio Biscotti with a packet of Homemade Hot Chocolate Powder.
    Mmmm, red and green and floral and vintage. Any chance of some printable Chrimbo tags along this vein? (Gosh, I'm cheeky!)
  7. Thank you for sharing this, Amy! I'll definitely check it out... scrumptious!
  8. Amelia | Nov 6, 2009
    I loved the concept of this store.The disappointing part was their lack of response to an email before I ordered! Sigh I wanted to support them and order treats!
  9. pretty packaging for delicious choco coated fruits and biscuits. I always envy other country because they always pack their goodies in the most attractive way. In my country, if they pack like this,the price will be 'attractive' too :(
  10. damn!!!! i thought it was in sydney for a second & my heart jumped excitedly! and then... well... I'll just have to visit won't I? hehe


    Probably good for my thighs...
  11. I definitely love this!! So cuteeee
    I love baking cookies and i'm going to give them such as a xmas present to my lovely friends!!
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  13. Delicious goodies!!
    I only just discovered it as well just in time for Christmas.
  14. I've been reading your blog for quite a lot now, Amy, but this is my first comment :p I love all the pretty things and creative party themes and ideas you shared. My favorite is the Ice Cream party.
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  20. I'm in Melbourne right now and I can't stop to enjoy this sweet cookies.
  21. They released beautiful gifts. My friend super likes what I give this weekend.
  22. It tastes so fabulous. I'm starving
  23. lucas2212 | Oct 3, 2022
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