Jonathan Ong Photography | February 22, 2010

Check out the beautiful wedding and engagement portfolio of Melbourne based photographer Jonathan Ong. We've just booked him for our upcoming engagement party! Found via Polka Dot Bride.

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  1. I love these sweet simple photos. The way Jonathan Org uses the landscape is wonderful.
  2. Excellent choice-- he's very detail oriented and excellent at capturing joy in the moment. Fun- thanks!
  3. I arrived here tracking the circus ring posted below and just love your blog! I think you might like mine too: Stop by when you have a minute.
  4. He's a friend of mine :D great eye and beautiful handiwork. the picture of the couple in the first picture you featured are also friends of mine!! :D
  5. Absolutely AMAZING photography...

    So romantic & dreamy - just beautiful.
  6. yen | Feb 26, 2010
    what a coincidence! my friend ivan shoots with him for the singapore side (: he is really good!
  7. Oh it's awesome scene, I really love’s well laid out and the imagery is fantastic.
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