Jonathan Ong is Awesome | March 11, 2014

I first had the supreme pleasure of meeting Melbourne wedding photographer Jonathan Ong back in 2010. It was his artistic eye and slightly off-beat style that instantly drew me to his work and Mark and I were absolutely chuffed to hire him to capture our big day!

Since then, on rare occasion, Jon and I will catch up, bond over our introverted tendencies and lightly touch on the possibility of working on a project together. Regrettably, we have yet to do so. However, I have been keeping an eye on his work, marvelling at the growth of his talent with each passing year. He's had the opportunity to shoot some truly gorgeous weddings and continually demonstrates his ability to capture the whole gamut of the wedding experience- from the perfect little details to raw, human emotion.

And so, I felt it was high time to showcase some of my personal favourites from his portfolio, on the blog.  Truth be told, the curation actually took far longer than expected, as he has so many beauties to choose from!  Take a gander and then pop over to his lovely journal to revel in more of his awesomeness...

above: Adam + Kirstyn.

above: Simon + Sarah.

above: Jolvin + Jolyn.

above: Paul + Victoria.

above: Murray + Suga

above: Noel + Yadira.

above: November Deer Launch.

above: Aidan + Lauren.

above: Jia Heng + Adelene

above: Jennifer + Brendan.

above: Simon + Sarah.

above: Rob + Kim.

above: Brent + Cathy.

above: Jia Heng + Adelene

above: Simon + Sarah.

above: Riccardo + Sabrina.

above: Justin + Jessica.

Make sure to pop on over to his Journal to see more of his gorgeous work.

( all photos by Jonathan Ong )

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  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing :)
  2. ouaouh !!! beautiful ! amazing !
  3. really beautiful shots, atmosphere and it's always nice to see so much happiness on their faces. I remember my wedding and all those bright moment.
    I really like that photo with girl doing her hair, nice angle.
  4. wow, so many gorgeous photos!
    i love the first of the couple getting confetti thrown at them...the light is perfect.
  5. His work is gorgeous! Love his style! He's definitely got an eye or two for photography!
  6. Lelane | Mar 12, 2014
    Gorgeous photos!
  7. I love love love the last photo.
  8. Oh Gosh, these are absolutely stunning! A fresh take on the whole weding thing, which doesn't necessarily have to be all Disney-like. I love it.
  9. I've always thought that weddings are just unnecessary. This post made me think about this.. I have to say I've changed my mind! Mr. Ong is truly awesome!
  10. These photographs are stunning, really capture the moment in a beautiful way.

    Elizabeth x | <a href=""></a>;
  11. What beautiful wedding shots!
  12. Very beautifull photos!
  13. That glitter picture is everything.
  14. The cat is my favorite and all the wedding photos are so unique and just make you want to smile. This is such a feel good post. I love it!
  15. Amy, I just wanted you to know that I visit your blog frequently just to see if you've updated. I do so enjoy what you put together here ;)
  16. So many lovely memories captured in these photos! I especially liked the one with all the lights in the background with Jia Heng and Adelin
  17. Great pictures - worthy of an editorial spread. You get a 'behind the scenes' sense of the wedding process, and also a beautiful keepsake of such a special day.
    Such a shame he's not London-based (I'm get married in two months!).
  18. Truly inspiring wedding photography. Thanks for sharing these amazing images with us. Just brilliant.
  19. Thanks Amy for sharing those wonderful pics - these are just superb masterpieces. And, yes Mr. Ong is really awesome !
  20. What beautiful wedding shots!
  21. Tim | Jun 3, 2014
    He shot my friend's wedding, was aamaazzzzing!!
  22. Firstly, your comment postcard! OMG! It's amazing. So are these pictures. If I get anything as special on my wedding day I would be thrilled. Amazing work, great post!
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