Julie Cerise | September 22, 2010

I love these clever and beautiful compositions by talented photographer Julie Cerise.

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  1. Lovely!!
    Thank's to show us this nice photographer!!!
    Have a great day!
  2. I love the one with the heart in the box
  3. So beautiful!
  4. love the color palette in these. thanks for sharing.
  5. i just came across your blog the other day and am having so much fun browsing through! everything is so colorful and happy, i love it!

    and i love that first photo, it looks like she has a string on the moon. very clever :)
  6. Hi

    First time visiting your lovely blog and it won't be the last!
    Very nice web design and love these images.

    Greetings from Edinburgh,
    Shoot Chick or known as Maria-Louisa ;)
  7. I love these pictures. Very creative photographer - love it!!!
  8. very creative. I like the heart in the box photo.
  9. Oooh these are cool!! Thanks for sharing!
  10. so Great job good lovely design you are no1 in the field
  11. This type of work only did by photographer because they know how to cover it. The idea is beautiful and good for us to work on.
  12. Who don't know about your design and working skills. I appreciate your work all time.
  13. It consider the art of fashion and I would love to share few things with others. I hope people get more help through it.
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