Kikki K for Spring | November 02, 2010

Kikki K always has inspiring stationery collections. I love the soft colours and bird motif in her "Var-Spring" collection.

Also loving these apple-themed items in her 'Picnic" collection. How cute is that apple stamp?

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  1. I'm in love with the pegs!
  2. Envelope liners are my favorite and this apple one is irresistible!
  3. so cute! i love the pink and blue together.
  4. Oh I adore that apple stamp, it's super cute! Lovely finds, as ever!
  5. Agreed. Love the Var-Spring collection. Thank you for posting this!
  6. Absolutely the chubby bird :)
  7. Sophia | Nov 2, 2010
    The apple stamp is absolutely adorable.

    I love the stationary so much. The - I'm assuming it's a day planner -looks absolutely gorgeous.
  8. i've never heard of this but everything looks beautiful! thanks for sharing :)
  9. This is so cute!
  10. i love kikki k!!
  11. So adorable! Thanks for posting.
  12. So cute! I love the bird motif- its just darling. What a perfect pick-me-up post for what, at least in my city, is a very cold and icky day.
  13. woah, these little things are too cute! i love the paper clips!
  14. Nydia | Nov 3, 2010
    I love Kikki K!!! I am so sad that they are closing their store at the Dubai Mall. I guess i should find out is they can ship to the UAE because some of this stuff is just too cute to pass up.
  15. Oh Squeee - cutest stationery a
  16. Such lovely feedback on our Var range - we love it too! I'm Kristina's partner (kikki.K founder/creative director). Just wanted to let you know that we're so sorry about Dubai Mall store closing too. It was run by our partner in the UAE who unfortunately broke every agreement we made with them. ...but we can definatley ship to Dubai if you order online.
  17. Nydia | Nov 3, 2010

    Thank you for confirming that you can ship to Dubai. I am sorry that things went wrong for you here, but I understand your situation as it seems you are not the only business that has run into those types of problems here. I am just glad there is still a way to get my hands on your wonderful products.
  18. This is adorable!!!!
  19. oh swoon....I am loving that whole collection! The little clothespin are so, so pretty
  20. so cute! I will feature this tomorrow on my blog
  21. Love the apple stamp so much!!
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