Kip and Co. SS13 | September 11, 2013

Love, love LOVING Kip and Co's latest bedding collection for Spring/Summer. So many bright + gorgeous + super-colourful patterns! Currently fantasising about which items to get. Which are your faves??

Below are my favourite patterns in the collection...

Aaarrgh. Can't decide!

{ photos: Kip and Co.}

posted under: Home Décor


  1. That confetti-sprinkle rug looks awesome, I want it too!
  2. woow! they go perfectly with my room!

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  3. oh my goodness! They're all gorgeous!
  4. So cute! Love it, too!
  5. Lovely look!
  6. what playful and wonderful colours and patterns!
  7. WOW! These are great looking products... so many beautiful patterns!
  8. This is so cute! Makes me want to curl up in bed for days!
    Thanks for sharing
  9. HOLY smokes. gorgeous bedding. so yum!
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