Kiss Stamp from Atypyk | February 02, 2011

Love this. From Atypyk.

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  1. brilliant! what a clever idea. thanks for sharing!
  2. Hahaha.. how convenient!
  3. That is so cute!
  4. That is coolest stamp I've ever seen! Love it.
  5. Why can't all kiss marks look like this? Mine always end up looking like amoebas. This is very cute!
  6. great, this looks so real! love it
  7. Hilarious! I've never seen that!
  8. omg, i want it now! maybe the best idea ever. kisses :*
  9. almost as good as the real thing!
  10. That is the cutest thing ever!!
  11. with this all of my letters could be S.W.A.L.K x
  12. is it any wonder that this will always be one of my favourite blog?? there's always stunning things to behold!
  13. M E R C I !
    Kiss & Claps

  14. hello
  15. this is a fab idea! i need to get one of these!!!!! thanks for sharing :)
  16. copypyk | Feb 5, 2011
  17. So much more hygienic than actually going around kissing everything. Convenient, clean, and striking to boot.
  18. This is adorable. You post the cutest stuff.
  19. Knockknock | Feb 6, 2011
    ça va Tampographe, tu n'as pas non plus inventé la marque du rouge à levre... faut pas exagérer !
  20. Le tampographe | Feb 6, 2011
    C'est pas une marque de rouge à lèvre, c'est un tampon qui permet d'en faire une, c'est le même objet que j'ai mis en ligne au mois de septembre 2010 et qui se retrouve ici quelques mois plus tard.
  21. Ptiju | Feb 7, 2011
  22. What a quirky shop - i love it.
  23. found you via jillian at cornflake dreams ... how adorable!!

  24. this is brilliant! luv it!
  25. Love Atypyk's creations ! Thanks a lot for sharing :)
  26. Peri | Feb 17, 2011 vous êtes un peu rude, si vous comparez les deux, vous verrez que vous n'avez pas été copié ou volé.

    deux timbres différents, obtenir sur vous-même.
  27. misha | Mar 20, 2011
    thanks for sharing...i just ordered one!
  28. So sweet!!! Do you know where I can buy this in Australia? I've been searching for a kiss stamp for ages, and this is exactly what i'm after!
    This is coolest stamp I've ever seen!
    I just Love it <3
  30. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
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