Kitties in Love | November 02, 2011

Oh my, these kitty pillows are too cute! By Nicola Rowlands

posted under: Gift Ideas, Home Décor, Kids


  1. Ah so sweet! I wonder if I could get 2 that looked like my cats!
  2. how cute!
  3. so sweet! i love cats.
  4. oh, i covet these cats! ;D darling things!
  5. These pillows are making me so happy! I'm not even a big fan of actual cats but I am hearting these pillows!
  6. Adorable. I'm not really a cat person, but these are just darling. ?
  7. These are the cutest pillows - love them! So many gorgeous gift ideas on this blog :)
  8. Super sweet:) Love! gretings from yummdesign!
  9. Oh wow what lovely cushions on cats!! did you make them yourself because if you have i have to say i am impressed and i wanted to know if i could buy them off somewhere, are they for retail?
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  22. lol even kitties are getting ready for 14th feb valentines day, so cute.
  23. Yeah Really these are very quite I Really like these kind of pillows <3. I also like to have comfortable carpet in my room. Carpets really provide comfort and elegance while living in the room.
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