Kohler Chocolates | September 08, 2009

Kohler Chocolates

This simple and beautiful imagery makes me crave chocolate something chronic. I've never actually tried Kohler Chocolates before but I'm certainly tempted! I'm curious as to who did the photography and styling for these. Anybody know?

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  1. Love the second photo - wish I could just eat it
  2. I'm not sure which I like more: the chocolate or the styling!
  3. The pear... ooooooh the pear. YUM.
  4. I love these photos! So chic and beautiful - makes me wish I were a minimalist. Unfortunately, my pack-rat tendencies run way too deep.
  5. The greedy girl I am likes it, haha !
  6. those pics are as satisfying as chocolate can be without eating it! love them.
  7. absolutely decadent. loving your blog.
  8. it's breakfast time and I already need some chocolate.Too bad it's all closed!
    bon week end
    a bientot
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