Lately... | July 04, 2013

...we've had our fair share of cold and foggy winter mornings.

Inside our home, however, I've been attempting to ramp up the colour!

My current decorating project- our living room- is progressing slowly at the moment. Not too long ago we incorporated an Indian sideboard, with which I am completely smitten!

I would love to create an artwork for above, but I'm struggling to decide what to do. I'd like to keep it simple, as the room is already flush with colour and detail. I think I might buy a huge blank canvas, stick it on top of the sideboard and just stare at it until an idea comes to me! Another option is maybe a large, simple black and white photo.

Among other bits and pieces, I would also love to find a beautiful pendant light to hang above the room.

It seems like every surface in my workspace is covered in craft punches, twine, glitter, washi tape, paper goods, stripey straws, jars, bottles, my printables.... you name it. Occupational hazard, I guess. 

Breakfast and snack remnants also add to the colourful mix... 

At least it's pretty clutter!

This morning, I caught a very cute moment between Mark and Sukie. It must be love.

As you already know, I'm a self-confessed bowl addict. This beauty, shown above, is my recent indiscretion (from Mozi). It was just too pretty to pass up!

Last week I showed off a good chunk of my collection. But, admittedly, it was a little tame in comparison to the pic above- a far more accurate portrayal of the size of the collection (and extent of my 'problem')!

I've been feeling a tad overwhelmed when it comes to my work, at the moment so, at the start of this week, I set out to get organised. I recently discovered that I was a 'pinball procrastinator'.

Symptons include:

  • Going off on tangents mid-task
  • Avoiding the hard stuff and tackling smaller, easier items to feel a sense of achievement.

Yep, that's me.

I decided I needed to learn to focus again so I downloaded the Simple Pomodoro Timer app to help me through. Basically, I write down a list of things I want to get done in order of importance. I then start the timer. While it counts down from 25 minutes, I work through my list without distraction. At the end of the 25 minutes, there's a 'ding' and I take a 5 minute break. During this time I can explore those 'tangents' that were attempting to entice me during the 25 minutes- things like Pinterest, sorting emails, reading blogs, a new project idea etc. At the end of the 5 minutes, another 'ding' and I start up the 25 minute timer again and continue through my task list. 

I've found this method really effective! The huge timer numbers, constantly flickering in the corner of my eye, creates a false sense of urgency. It feels like it's a race to the finish line- almost like a game! And the promise of the 5 minute break means that I still have the time to explore those things that are far more appealing than the task at hand. I'm ploughing through the big, evil 'To Do' list but also managing to explore new ideas and gather new information and inspiration for future projects. 

And that's all the news...

Happy Friday everyone ;-)

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  1. i'm so testing that app!
    i love those bowls… wich my kitchen was bigger so i could have at least some more colorfull dishes :)
  2. my goodness...that bowl gorgeous all grouped together like that! I'm a cereal addict so I could probably easily add `bowl-purchasing-addict' on the side of that :)

    love the photos of your dog, clearly Mark & Sukie are equally smitten with each other :)
  3. The sideboard is absolutely amazing! I would love to have something like this in my home. Also, I'm in love with your bowl collection. Yep, I think it's love.
  4. Ahhhh... Amy! Your photography sucks me in everytime!!! As soon as your feed hits my inbox, I must open it up and admire your beautiful images. Your bowls... girl, you know a thing or two about bowls... please add me to your will as beneficiary of the bowls... I promise I will love them forever!!! (Oh, that is a bit morose... moving on...) I see in your second to last image that you put your new bowl to good use!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Mery | Jul 5, 2013
    OMG you're dog is adorable. Ribbons and bowls are so amazing and cute... Such an amazing blog and you have an amazing taste.

    Something I didn't like were you nails =( sorry had to say it but you're an amazing woman and your should be the same as you.
  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bowl collection, so happy! Your home has a lovely happy vibe! That ribbon!
  7. I just found your blog today and I am already loving everything. Your photography skills are really great and you creativity is sooo awesome. I just LOVE your DIY and stuff because I like to do DIY sometimes too. I just love your blog
  8. Hey, love your blog & photos/art/style! =) Where did you get those Eiffel Tower scissors? I saw a similar pair on Amazon, but they didn't look as shiny... I just wondered where you got yours - they're tres chic!
  9. Okay, your bowl collection is nothing short of spectacular!
  10. Ohhh... I adore the photos of your home - the colour palette & styling is so lively & fun..! I'm also going through a bit of a home decor/DIY phase so I can totally relate. Love your bowl collection - is it wrong that I kind of have a bit of bowl envy going on right about now..?!

    Also, I'm loving the sound of this timer app..! I too am a bit of a procrastinator at the best of times so I'm in desperate need of this guy - heading on over to download it now!

  11. How pretty is that fog at your house though. Such gorgeous clutter to have around and I LOVE that sideboard. Totally envying it right now. x
  12. Lucie | Jul 13, 2013
    May I ask where you got that gorgeous ribbon?
  13. The photos of Mark and Sukie are adawbs! Love.
  14. Hi all- thanks for the sweet comments!

    Bess- the cute Eiffel scissors are from Typo.

    Lucie- I got the ribbon locally from Riot Art and Craft
  15. I love the blank canvas idea. Just stare at it until inspiration comes is a wonderful idea. I love all the colors and designs that you have incorporated into your living room. The bowls are an adorable addition.

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  16. Where are the scissors from the Eiffel Tower?
  17. Oh man, your clutter is NOTHING on mine!!! :S How do you manage to keep your place looking so great while still having all those lovely crafty bits and pieces around?
  18. Hi Monique!

    Please see my comment above for info on the Eiffel scissors. :)
  19. I have to say I love that orange throw on your couch! Can't keep my eyes off it!

    I'm new to your blog - which is so very pretty. I found you via a Pinterest pin which showed your wrapping paper that had orange dots on it and a "happy tuesday" tag. gorgeous. must try that.
  20. Phuong | Aug 28, 2013
    I'm a self confessed bowl addict too! Eating breakfast out of a spritely bowl makes such a huge difference. Confession: Surprisingly cute geometric patterned bowls at Coles @ only $3 a piece.
  21. You take amazing photos!
  22. Ohhh... I adore the photos of your home - the colour palette & styling is so lively & fun..! I'm also going through a bit of a home decor/DIY phase so I can totally relate. Love your bowl collection - is it wrong that I kind of have a bit of bowl envy going on right about now..?!
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