Lately... | April 25, 2013

The cold weather is well and truly settling in and I'm getting very 'nesty' again.

In the evenings, I've found myself adopting all those Wintertime clichés - reading a good book (or flicking through mags) curled up on the sofa under a blanket... candlelight softly flickering in my peripheral vision... dog curled up at my feet. Well, there's nothing like the classics, right?

As a result, I've become increasingly obsessed with scented candles. Yes, I'm one of 'those' people now. I used to think they were over-priced nonsense but I've converted. (Ok, I still think they're over-priced nonsense, but it's become a tiny bit of a guilty pleasure). 

For those interested, I'm currently loving the 'Quince' scent from the Palm Beach Collection. And, yes, I'm aware that sounds posh.

I'm also making use of the 'dimmer' switch on our ceiling lights and stringing fairy lights around the place. I think I've upped the 'cosy' factor quite significantly. 

"Wow, it smells... girly... in here." is my hubby's reaction to my newfound fancy.

In the creative department, I've made these cloud magnets. You like? It was actually really easy. Kaisercraft actually sell wooden cloud embellishments which I simply decorated with paint and glitter, then stuck magnets to the back.

My lunches these days have become 'bitsy'- I'm a huge fan of variety. I also make no secret of the fact that I'm no cook so we've been stocking up on pre-prepared goodies from Leo's. We try to make sure the majority of what we buy is made from natural ingredients and preservative free, sometimes even organic. I really enjoy Darikay pumpkin soup. It contains no onion which is good for my irritable tummy. It's kind of sweet so I add some paprika to spice it up. I also like overloading my soup with parsley and Solomon's Sippets and occasionally the green parts of a spring onion. If I could handle onion better, the asian in me would also appreciate adding crunchy fried shallots to the mix. Yum.

And now to my next obsession- colourful, patterned socks. Yes, I'm not entirely sure where this one came from as I don't even wear socks. Clearly, I've been missing out and must start immediately. (Socks from Happy Socks, Hansel from Basel and Gorman)

And finally, I've started to print out some photos of us, our wedding and of Sukie. We don't have any photos up around our house yet so I think it's well and truly time. It makes the place more of a 'home'.

Bring on the Winter...

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  1. I am SO looking forward to some cooler weather and the nesting that goes along with it. It won't be long...
  2. I'm a little bit addicted to colourful knee high socks...if you haven't seen it yet, you should totally check out Sock Dreams...based in Oregon but they have the best range and I have had them post to Australia a few times without freight being too crazy. If you order quite a few pairs, split into two orders and freight is less scary :) Enjoy xx
  3. WOW your house is so beautiful with all the quirky and colorful knick knacks! I love reading your blog :)
  4. I'm with you all the way on the candle front! I used to be the same and would ( I hate to admit), say 'pft' and roll my eyes a little at the thought of expensive candles...until I discovered Glasshouse candles. Amalfi Coast and Galapalos are to die for and instantly relax me! They are such a guilty pleasure!
  5. I like the way you nest girl! I also really like those adorable cloud magnets. As far as scented candles, I've been addicted for years...even though they are overpriced.
  6. Ohh I love happy socks! I collect them :) My goal is to only own happy socks :P
  7. I am in love with Gorman socks - I accidentally bought the same pair twice as I had forgotten the ones I owned! But you can never have too many colorful fun socks I say.
  8. Em | May 4, 2013
    I love your DIYs and photograpy! I wish I'm creative just like you! I just want to ask what camera are you using? Thank you! :)
  9. I love this post Amy! Your style just inspires me to want to create! Love it all!
  10. The colours in every photo are amazeballs. Loving your blog, so many beautiful ideas. Thank you darl X
  11. Your bitsy lunch looks really delicious actually!
  12. Beautiful photos, and I love the way you've styled your home. It looks so cozy and lovely!
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