Lately... | March 05, 2013

....I've been collecting lots of little knick-knacks... and rediscovering some old ones...

... I've been painting watercolour flowers and stringing a cute garland....

posted under: Bits of Happy, Do It Yourself, Found Objects, Stationery, storytelling


  1. Love the bright pink - and cute watercolour. I'm a bit obsessed with watercolour at the moment :)
  2. I'm in love with all of this things !!!
    and also love your blog!!
  3. The watercolour flowers are beautful! :) Very nice idea!

    Miss Drawingdream
  4. Well done! Keep up the good work!
  5. What a sweet garland! And I love the ice cream cone necklace, so cute!
    xo Julia
  6. I collect so many knick knacks it's not even funny! =)

    I love the garland! Very pretty!!
  7. May | Mar 7, 2013
    Cute collection.
    Thanks for sharing the garland
  8. That is very lovely garland..
  9. Amy you have the cutest site, even your comment box is the cutest!!
  10. What a joyful and cute collection of Knick-Knacks !
  11. Dear lady, your blog is absolutelly gorgeous. And your knick-knacks = my love. ;-)
  12. Those watercolor flowers are so cute! <3 What a brilliant idea.
  13. So cute! Love the little garland!
  14. That garland will look so adorable once its hung up, you have to show us the finished product once you're done :)
  15. Andie | Apr 1, 2013
    Where did you find that book/booklet: West Coast of Mexico? Would love to know and gift it to my mom.
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